How Are You Spending Your Time At Home?

28th April 2020 posted in Sellers Buyers Landlords Tenants

With so many of spending a lot more time at home right now, it is understandable many of us have an interest in what other people are up to. Whether you are working from home, ensuring your kids are home-schooled, or you are looking to keep things as “normal” as possible, there is a lot to keep yourself occupied.

At Hunters Camberwell, we aim to provide all our clients with a high standard of service during these challenging times. There are Government guidelines for the housing industry, and we are pleased to say we are fully complying with these guidelines. If you have any questions regarding the local housing market, we can help, so please get in touch us.

What are you doing at home?

Even though people are at home, there is a chance to be socially active with other people. Knowing that you are doing the same activity as other people is a great feeling right now. This is why there has been a rush to offer online activities, and some have been more impressive at bringing people together than others.

If you love music and you are on Twitter, there is a strong chance you have been glued to Tim Burgess’ Twitter Listening Parties. The Charlatans singer has captured the imagination of music fans by bringing fans together with artists to listen to, and talk about, a popular album.

The activity has proven to be so popular that listening parties have already been lined up for May. Hopefully, even when restrictions have been limited, there will be a chance for music fans to continue engaging with artists and other supporters.

However, the real success story of online engagement in the early days of the lockdown has to be the fitness classes organised by Joe Wickes. The Body Coach is a well-known name in the fitness world, and he has captured the mood of the nation by offering daily workout classes. While these classes are primarily aimed at children, hence the PE Classes title, they are for everyone who wants to get involved.

One of the best things about the classes is that Joe has vowed to send any additional money he makes at this time to the NHS. At a time when people are keen to support the health service, and the people who are working hard to care for others, this has been a popular move.

Therefore, it was no surprise to learn in the first week of the PE Classes, and there were 5.5 million streamed views.

Another great way that people have engaged with others online has been through choir practice. Gareth Malone is a familiar face thanks to his TV work, and in the first rehearsal of the Great British Home Chorus, there was a total of 288,000 streams.

Singing is a great way to bring people together, and it is likely many people will follow this stream, and create a community spirit with songs.

With so many people staying indoors for so long, it is no surprise that fitness activities are prevalent. The Trolls kids dance class has been another popular activity, and in the first week of sessions, it achieved 66,548 views. When you take away the outlier of Joe Wickes and his classes, this is an excellent return, and an indicator many households are looking for ways to remain active during this time.

Apps can provide a lot of support

Smartphones are an integral way to stay in touch these days. Knowing you can communicate quickly with friends, family members and people from all around the world is a favourable situation for many people these days.

Apps are at the heart of the smartphone phenomenon, and it seems many people are using apps to maintain their mental health. This is a challenging situation for people, and it is no surprise to find many people feel stressed. It is vital that people do what they can to retain a positive outlook on life, and there is an excellent range of apps aimed at supporting people.

Mindfulness has been recognised as the leading wellbeing therapy app in the United Kingdom. This is an app which has received considerable reviews, and there is a range of options to choose from, including free options. The app offers:

·         A five-day guided introduction to Mindfulness

·         Guided and silent timed sessions from 3 to 30 minutes

·         Reminders and statistics to stay focused on your practice

·         A Library filled with premium meditations and courses

You must take care of yourself and remain active if you are at home. Even if you aren’t following any of these streams or using these apps, there will hopefully be something which keeps you entertained and engaged.

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