How Camberwell Commutes Compared To Greater London

29th April 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle Sellers Buyers

While there are many challenges associated with working from home, many people appreciate not having to commute on a daily basis. After the lockdown period, it is likely that many people and companies will review their policy on working remotely.

As people grow in confidence and companies realise they don’t need staff members to be in the office for work to continue, there may well be a change in how we work, and how we get to and from work.

Therefore, it may be timely to consider how Camberwell commutes, allowing us to review these figures later, and determine if there has been a notable change.

Main transport options available for Camberwell residents

Public transport options are essential in London, and in Camberwell, the following options are prevalent:

·         Train – Denmark Hill is the station in Camberwell, offering Overground trains to Shoreditch High Street for the City, and connections to Docklands Light Railway. It is also easy to reach Victoria, London Bridge, Blackfriars and St Pancras International from Camberwell

·         Buses – There is a range of commuter buses serving the Camberwell community

In figures provided by Dataloft, drawing heavily on the 2011 Census figures, there are notable differences between how the Greater London population gets to and from work, and how the people of Camberwell commute.

The Camberwell figures are as follows:

·         Bus 35.9%

·         London Underground 14.5%

·         Car 11.8%

·         Train 11.4%

·         Walk 10.2

·         Bicycle 9.6%

The remainder was made up by people working from home or using another form of transport to get to and from work.

In comparing this with the Greater London figures, it is easy to see some differences with Camberwell. The break-down for commuting options are:

·         Car 29.8%

·         London Underground 22.5%

·         Bus 14%

·         Train 13.3%

·         Walk 8.8%

The remainder was made up by people cycling, working from home or using another form of transport to get to and from work.

Observations from commuter figures


When you consider the fantastic range of bus routes available in and around Camberwell, it is no surprise so many residents utilise buses when commuting. It is easy to get to and from central London by bus from Camberwell, but you have plenty of other options.

Anyone looking to visit South Kensington, perhaps to enjoy the museums, can take the 345. There is also the 148, which connects Camberwell residents to Notting Hill, Shepherds Bush and the Westfield centre. There is a lot to like about local life in Camberwell, but it is comforting to know you can connect to the rest of London with ease.

Also, many people will also take comfort from cycling being more prominent in Camberwell than in Greater London. This form of transport is likely to be a more popular choice as we move forward, as a greater number of people look to choose a more environmentally friend form of transport.

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