How to choose an agent – 5 must haves and must asks

5th February 2020 posted in Sellers Landlords

Selling your home is often a challenging prospect, and it makes sense to call on the support of an expert in your local area. However, with so many estate agents to choose from, knowing who to choose can be a tough task for many vendors.

At Hunters, we are pleased to say a considerable number of homeowners choose us to sell their home. This is because our agents across the country are skilled, experienced and always willing to do as much as we can to sell your home. We believe our agents stand up to scrutiny, and if you want to know how to choose an agent, here are five must-haves and must-asks you should consider.

1.       What professional experience does the agent have?

2.       Is there a marketing plan to sell the property?

3.       What houses have you sold recently?

4.       Is there a team supporting the lead agent?

5.       Can you offer testimonials and reviews?

What professional experience does the agent have?

A good starting point in determining whether an agent is best suited to selling your home is finding out about their professional experience. You should review agents online, but you should also arrange an appointment where you can chat with them. A trustworthy agent will discuss their background, informing you if they are full-time or part-time in the role and what degrees they hold if any.

You also want to find out how long the agent has been operating in the market and their experience in the local area.

Is there a marketing plan to sell the property?

As you are enlisting the services of an agent to sell your home, you want to know how they plan to sell it. There are many ways an agent can draw attention to your property, including offering an open house, emailing clients, ensuring the property is photographed professionally, staging the property, developing a pricing strategy and utilising their professional network.

A skilled agent will have trusted methods of selling their home, but they will also have creative ideas they can use if their tested methods don’t generate interest.

What houses have you sold recently?

Experience is vital, but you must also ensure an agent is operating well in the current market. Ask them about the types of property they have sold, what neighbourhoods they work in, what is the price range of homes they sell; and ask for insight about your local area.

You need to ensure you find an agent who is comfortable in selling your type of home in your kind of area. Expertise and experience are vital, but it needs to be relevant.

Is there a team supporting the lead agent?

While it is good to have a crucial point of contact, many people want to work with a team. Knowing the lead agent is supported, or someone else can step in if an issue arises is comforting to vendors. A good agent will be able to detail the support they receive and how this is of benefit to you.

Can you offer testimonials and reviews?

If an agent cannot offer reviews or testimonials from satisfied clients, you will likely feel worried about their abilities. You can research this yourself in case you don’t feel the agent will offer an honest response, but if an agent cannot provide testimonials, it may be a concern.

We want you to choose the best agent to help you sell your home, and hopefully, these tips will help you in the process. At Hunters, we believe our agents are right for you. Our agents are trained, experienced, qualified and part of a larger team, so you can be confident you receive the help you need. When you want to sell your home, rely on Hunters to provide you with an agent who delivers results.