How To Deal With Rule Breaking Tenants

24th February 2020 posted in Landlords Tenants

Being a landlord is a challenging task at the best of times. However, when a tenant intentionally breaks the rules of the rental agreement, landlords often struggle to maintain a good relationship with tenants. A recent study suggests a large proportion of tenants break tenancy agreement rules, and worryingly, a lot of tenants are unaware of the rules.

An interior specialists company, Hillarys, surveyed 2,100 tenants. 84% of tenants said they believe they are currently breaking at least one rule imposed by their landlord. 73% of tenants said they were unaware of the exact regulations detailed in the tenancy agreement, and 36% stated they had no idea of how to obtain a copy of the tenancy agreement.

Close to three quarters of tenants didn’t know the rules which were broken

Almost three in four - 73% - of the 2,100 tenants surveyed by Hillarys, the interior specialists, admitted that they were not aware of what the exact rules laid out within their tenancy agreement were, with 36% stating that they have no idea how to find a copy.

The most common rules which were broken are as follows:

·         Tenants hanging photos, pictures or art on the walls – 38%

·         Making alterations to or damaging the interior or the rental property without the landlords’ permission – 34%

·         Smoking inside the rental property – 23%

·         Causing noise which disrupts the neighbours – 19%

·         Owning a pet – 14%

The survey also asked if tenants were aware of the current notice period in their tenancy agreement. 23% of respondents said they were unsure of how much notice they had to give, or the time-frame their landlord could request they move out of the rental property.

Landlords must remain in control

Lucy Askew is the Interiors Specialist at Hillarys, and she said: “Thanks to rising house prices and the subsequent need for significantly large deposits, the reality of homeownership has become unachievable for a number of Britons, resulting in the need for rented accommodation. Whilst it can be all too tempting to ignore the agreements made with a landlord in order to create a cosy atmosphere, rules are put in place for a reason, and failure to comply can put a tenancy at risk and could leave the tenant in question without a home.”

It is vital landlords feel as though they are in control of the landlord and tenant relationship. One of the most important things a landlord can do is make sure the tenancy agreement has everything they want covered, and then ensure the tenant reads the agreement. If the tenant is aware of the agreement, and then breaches the rules, the landlord is within their rights to impose a related penalty.

The penalties for breaking rules of the tenancy agreement should be clearly stated, and the landlord must impose these penalties when a problem arises. A tenant who knows the landlord is unwilling or unlikely to impose penalties has no deterrent to modify or improve their behaviour.

Many landlords prefer to avoid conflict, and if this sounds like you, it is vital you seek help from professionals. At Hunters Bridgend, we are pleased to say we assist many local landlords in the managing of their rental property. We develop good relationships with trusted tenants, and we ensure your property is protected in the event of tenants not adhering to the rules of the property.

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