How To Declutter During Lockdown

21st April 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

If you are looking for a project or activity during the lockdown period, you should choose something which offers short and long-term benefits. At Hunters Bridgend, we are pleased to have helped many vendors connect with buyers, and one of the most essential tasks is decluttering a home.

A decluttered property is more spacious, more welcoming and more straightforward to clean. Of course, you don’t need to sell your house to benefit from the decluttering process. If you need more space or you feel people are getting on top of each other, we are happy to show how to declutter during the lockdown.

Only throw away items you no longer need

While it is helpful to be ruthless when you are decluttering your home, you should only remove items you no longer need. There is no “one size fits all” solution for decluttering, and what is important to you may not be of interest to other people.

Some people set up different piles for their belongings. In addition to keep and remove piles, they may have “maybe” bundles or boxes to review at a later date.

It is often helpful to picture yourself one year or five years down the line. If you see yourself still using an item, you should retain it. However, if you are struggling to see yourself still utilising an item, this may become a candidate to be removed from your home.

Quick tips to start the decluttering process:

·         Walk around your home and devise a list of what you need to change or remove

·         Set a plan of action which you can follow from start to end

·         Create deadlines to add impetus to your working practice

·         Make sure you have supplies like boxes, bin bags and cleaning equipment

·         Think about how you will dispose of items

Getting rid of some items is harder during a lockdown period

It may be more difficult to remove individual items from your home at this time. Many charity stores have closed and unable to take donations. If you would prefer to pass items on rather than throw them away, go on Facebook and search for local community groups. There will always be people in need, and by-passing items on, you may help others during this challenging time.

You should also consider asking friends or family members if they need anything you are looking to get rid of.

How you work is down to you

It is vital you find a way of working which is right for you. Some people like to clear out a room at a time while others prefer to focus on a specific task. Doing what is most effective for you will help you achieve better results.

At Hunters Bridgend, we believe virtual viewings will form an integral part of the housing market. If you would like information or guidance on how we can assist you, or you just want to stay in touch with the latest housing industry news, please contact us today.