How new builds and developments boost local communities

10th September 2013 posted in Property News

How new builds and developments boost local communities

Very often when the subject of building new properties arises in local communities, it’s met with vocal protestations from many of the inhabitants. After all, if you already have your own house and the area you live in is picturesque, you can’t be blamed for not immediately recognising the potential benefits that also come with new builds.

However, the reality is, the population is increasing and most towns and villages throughout the country are going to have to change as well and while that may not appeal to everyone, there are plenty of short and long term benefits that can be enjoyed as a direct result of building developments.

Short term benefits

There are obvious short term benefits that come with new builds, such as the increase in local jobs. From builders to plumbers, often a new development will bring short term work to skilled and unskilled workers, albeit for a short to medium period of time.

Cash incentives

In a bid to make the prospect of new builds more appealing, the government has come up with a way of providing that communities that take the initiative with a good incentive. Often, councils are met with a lot of resistance when looking to erect new developments in local areas.

However, if a community should take it upon themselves to provide a development plan along with the consent of the locals, they can reap financial benefits and be awarded 25% of the money raised from the Community Infrastructure Levy.

There are a two main advantages to this scheme, with the most obvious being where the money goes. Rather than the money going to the government, only to get lost in the ether, funds can go directly where the community needs them most.

If the community is in need of a new children’s play area, or a community hall for the elderly, this could provide an ideal opportunity to raise the necessary funds, whereas otherwise it could take years, especially in the current climate.

The second advantage is that the community can play a bigger role in the design of the properties, as well as location, two factors that are often contentious issues.

Affordable housing

Another great advantage to new developments is that they often provide an affordable option for young families and first time buyers. In some of the more expensive areas, families are being forced to leave communities where generations of their families were born and raised, in order to find an affordable property.

The new development can go a long way to ensuring that a community can stay intact for generations to come.

Improving communities

As you can see, new developments can often go a long way to improving communities. From raising vital funds to be spent where they are needed most, to offering a viable option for low income earners, there is a lot that can be gained. What’s more, with the increasing population and the limited size of the island we live on, it’s a reality that most communities around the country will at some point have to face. Therefore, it’s probably better to embrace it and take control through schemes such as the Community Infrastructure Levy, as you can have a much bigger input into location and design, than to fight against something that is inevitably going to happen at some stage.