How to Spend a Weekend in Camberwell

26th October 2018 posted in Home Lifestyle

Camberwell is on the up.

Once a quiet, understated part of London - the opening of a Tube station in 2012 has attracted a lot of new residents.

Particularly those of a younger demographic.

It is well known for its arts scene. Students study at the Camberwell College of Arts, whilst the local institution Camberwell Arts hosts an annual festival.

Residents love it here. But people who are just passing by for a few days can quickly get a sense of how great it is.

If you’re in Camberwell for the weekend, here’s what we recommend checking out.

Camberwell Events - What’s Going On?

As mentioned, Camberwell is a very artsy place.

Members of the public are free to visit the Camberwell College of Arts, and browse through exhibitions put on by graduate students.

If it’s a more lively performance you’re after, the Blue Elephant Theatre hosts live entertainment on a regular basis.

It only holds 50 seats, but has quite a cosy atmosphere.

Camberwell is home to lots of green spaces - with plenty of parks around, including Lynden Park and Fordham Gardens.

So aside from the more “grown-up” events, there are things to do for the entire family too.

Camberwell Restaurants - Where’s Good to Eat?

Camberwell is home to lots of wonderful restaurants.

Whatever your favourite kind of food is - you’re certain to find it here, made to the highest of quality.

One of our favourites is Silk Road Camberwell. A fantastic Chinese, focusing on tasty dishes from the province of Xinjiang.

We’d also recommend a trip to Theo’s Pizzeria, where you’ll find sourdough, Neapolitan pizzas.

If you are a pizza lover, this is one of the best eateries in south-east London.

Another favourite serves delicious Caribbean cuisine. Fish, Wings and Tings has a Trinidadian chef who services a fantastic array of foods.

Pubs in Camberwell - What’s the Nightlife Like?

Like many parts of London, Camberwell has a range of different nightlife options.

You might prefer the quieter scenery of a local pub, or a more atmospheric bar.

Either way, you can find what you’re looking for in Camberwell. Here are a few of our favourite bars and pubs.

First, you have the fantastically-named Stormbird. Stormbird is famous for amazing craft beers, and is constantly introducing new tastes.

The Camberwell Arms is also a good, traditional pub - and serves some great food as well, if you get a bit hungry.

But if you’re after a bit more of a night out, The Old Dispensary is a bar that regularly hosts live music, and has a good selection of alcoholic beverages to choose from.

Thinking about Buying a Property in Camberwell?

This post is all about what to do in Camberwell if you’re just here for a few days.

But if you fall in love with the place, as we suspect you might, then you should certainly consider moving here if that’s an option.

Hunters has a local branch that can help you if you’re looking for a property.

Whether it’s renting or buying, we have local specialists who can help get you what you need.

Just get in touch today.