How the "Internet of Things" can make your home smarter

24th March 2015 posted in Sellers Buyers

The Internet of Things is a network of connected devices, from cars to watches to washing machines. Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group have estimated that there are currently around 25 billion connected devices used around the world. They estimate this figure will have doubled to 50 billion by the year 2020.
The idea is that by using wearable technology, we will be able to control appliances in our homes, turn lights on and off, or control your thermostat from work.
Here are a few products that could change the way you live forever:

Belkin WeMo

The Belkin WeMO home automation system allows you to monitor and control any WeMo smart wall plugs, LED bulbs, motion sensors, and smart devices you have in your house. All by using a simple smartphone app.
Each WeMo device has it’s own channel and there is no hub required - everything runs through their free cloud service. The individual product channels can be linked to a range of online services, such as Gmail, which allow you to trigger specific actions in your home.

Canary Security System

This amazing all in one security system has a range of sensors and an HD video camera all in one small unit. The sensors can monitor motion, sound, temperature, air quality, and vibration, allowing it to determine what the right levels are for your home.
Alerts can be sent to the Canary smartphone app if anything changes from what it perceives to be normal. If you are going to be away, you can set it to alert multiple users should the normal levels change.

TCP Home Lighting

The TCP home lighting automation system includes a main gateway device that is plugged straight into your home router. Using a wireless remote control, a smartphone app, and smart LED bulbs, it can be used to control up to 250 lamps individually or as a group.
Bulbs can be turned on or off, or simply dimmed down using their one-touch preset programs like “Night” and “Away”, and lighting levels can be changed at different times of the day, depending on what lighting you require.


Neurio is an energy aware system that uses Wi-Fi enabled sensors inside your home’s electrical panel and works out which device is which through their “power signatures”. By identifying individually powered devices, it can monitor how much power they use and inform if you something out of the ordinary happens, like, for example, if the oven gets left on.
You can also download an app which will allow the system to text and alert you if something is wrong and it can be integrated with SmartThings to allow smart devices to be controlled using a remote control system.

ivee Sleek

This may look like a plain and ordinary alarm clock, but it is also a voice-activated interface that allows users to communicate with the Staples Connected Home, a Nest smart home thermostat, and any SmartThings smart home monitoring and control systems.
The ivee Sleek system can also sync with weather reports and other information found online. It should also soon work with a range of smart locks and lighting systems, and the Iris and iControl smart home automation systems.
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