How to Bring the Outside Into Your Home

6th August 2014 posted in Home Lifestyle

How to Bring the Outside Into Your Home

Deciding on the interior décor of your home can be a challenge, and that’s before even making the changes and starting the decorating process. Are you finding it hard to come up with the perfect themed décor for your home? Want something that looks nice, matches your home and keeps you in trend. How about bringing the outside in?

This up and coming fresh interior design really brings nature into your home, and nothing enlivens a room like a touch of Mother Nature. Bringing the outside in opens your house up to so many creative opportunities. From a tree staircase to garden wall TV stands, to even having leaves grow out of your walls, the opportunities are endless. We are going to be seeing more and more of these quirky designs being brought into the home, especially in these summer months. You might even start moving a few little pieces of garden furniture into your home by the end of the summer.

Below I have listed some simple guidelines to follow when trying to create the perfect nature-based interior:

Get Inspiration for Your Colour Themes From the Outdoors

When thinking of the colour scheme, the simplest thing to do is picture the country side. Green connotes the vast expanse of field, earth and grass, so should be one major colour in your new ‘outside’ in the home. Yellows represent the sun and fresh flowers, and ultimately evoke a sense of freshness, as well as brightening up your home and lifting the mood. Blues should also be incorporated in order to elicit the sense of water and sky and bring that refreshing look to your home. Finally, to bring the natural feel to your home, I would recommend looking into using white’s or beige’s for the major areas such as the walls and ceiling, further using the previous colours as decorative pieces.

Use Natural Fibres, Textures and Patterns

When deciding on your furniture, look to use natural materials that are inspired by nature. A few examples of these are Rattan, Hemp and Wicker. Include these materials in your furniture fittings such as rugs, lampshades and coffee tables.

Literally Bring the Outside in

Don’t be afraid of literally bringing the outside in. If you are looking for decorative pieces, walk outside, find something aesthetically pleasing and stick it in your home. This could be anything from pebbles, straw, flowers, sea shells or even pieces of wood (make sure it isn’t damp). Bringing natural products into your room will add the extra sense of nature and provide your home with a woodsier look. If you don’t have access to such materials, try to incorporate man made decorations that are similar and elicit the same notion.

Use Natural Materials for Your Flooring

Instead of the typical wood look laminate flooring, try going with much better quality and aesthetically fitting materials. Wood, bamboo and cork are flooring materials that will fit nicely in your new nature inspired home. These materials allow for a warm and comfortable feel, as well as feeling natural to the bare foot. Your body is much more likely to find the natural elements of this flooring appealing, instead of man-made laminate flooring.

Get in Touch With Your Senses

Entice your smell senses with nature-inspired incense candles or sticks. Go for floral or woody smells that will really infuse that extra sense of nature into your home. As well as this, think about the sounds of the outdoors. If you were walking through a rainforest or along a beach, what would you hear? Using small water fountains, create that sense of raindrops in your home. Equally, you can always purchase an electronic speaker which allows you to play most earthly sounds.

Make the Most of Your Windows

Open them, let your house breathe the natural air of the outdoors. You will notice that your home has much more of a fresh sense to it once the breeze is flowing through the windows. As well as this, make sure you are letting in as much natural light as possible. The light of the sun is by far the most effective way to create the natural look for your home.

So there you have it, 6 simple steps to make your home as natural and outdoorsy as possible. A final tip: try including fruits or vegetables around the house as extra pieces of outdoor inspiration. This will not only add to the appeal of the natural home, but also add extra organic smells to your home.