How to co-ordinate a purchase and a sale

11th July 2017 posted in Property News Sellers Buyers

Why you need to think about how you buy and sell a home – at the same time

There is a lot of research which shows that when a buyer and seller accept an offer there is a one in three chance that the sale and purchase will fall through.

In 2016, Which? research suggested three out of  10 property purchases fell through, costing a homebuyer on average, £2,899 each. The reason for sales falling through include vendors deciding not to sell after all, while 21% fell through as a buyer found something else or the seller was offered a higher price, so the buyer was gazumped. Approximately 5% of people lost up to £5,000.

Further research from View My Chain, which tracks property sales and purchases, released in 2017 showed one of the key tasks to ensure property sales don’t fall through is for the buyer’s legal company to secure the searches as soon as possible. Once an offer has been accepted, it is three times more likely to fall through if this simple and quick task has not been carried out.  

By selling (and buying) through Hunters, the good news is that we work hard to make sure buyers and sellers are well matched and to solve any problems after an offer has been made. It is after an offer has been accepted that a good agent can make all the difference to your purchase/sale being successful.

If you want to be sure you have the best chance of successfully co-ordinating a purchase and sale, then we are one of the best agents to help that happen.  

Fall throughs are distressing for all parties, and can be expensive, too. That’s why we have worked so hard at Hunters to halve the number of fall throughs for our clients, doubling your chances of making a successful sale and purchase.” – Martin Robinson

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