How to Create the Rustic Décor of Your Dreams

2nd May 2014 posted in Home Lifestyle

How to Create the Rustic Décor of Your Dreams

When it comes to the interior décor of your home, it can often be hard to choose just one style. Rustic décor tends to combine a few different decorating styles though including, country, vintage, western and primitive, so is a great route to take.

The best thing about using a rustic design in your décor is that you can create a warm and homely atmosphere, while still holding onto an overall theme and specific design genre.

Use Your Surroundings

Rustic design is often aligned with the area that you live in, and by bringing the outside in, you can create an instant rustic flair. Find out what the main wood in your area is and then install wooden furniture made from that type of wood. This can also work if you use hardwood flooring in any of your rooms.

If you don’t want to be changing all your flooring, then think about the colour scheme of your décor, based around the floral displays in your garden and the surrounding areas. If you live in a woody area, then you should use darker browns and greens, but if you are surrounded by fields, then a lighter palette would be more appropriate.

Work Your Lighting

The last thing you want in your home when trying to achieve a rustic feel is spotlights on every available bit of ceiling. Instead choose large floor lamps to place in the corners of rooms and smaller metal or wooden lamps for tables.

The idea is to create a room with natural lighting and a calm and pleasant feel, so you need to choose warm, rustic materials, and only brighten the room as much as you need to, this will give you a cosy and stylish finish.

Check Your Furnishings

One of the key parts of any style of décor you decide on is the furnishings. Using the correct furniture and fittings can really give your style the final touch it needs. You don’t want to have a fantastic rustic design with completely unsuitable plastic furniture for example.

Choose wooden furniture and oversized sinks, this will help give your home a cabin-like feel. If you already have existing wooden furniture, it is easy enough to transform it with a shabby chic finish - just give it a splash of whitewash and use a piece of sandpaper on the edges.

Get the Right Balance

Unless you are actually planning on living in a log cabin, you are unlikely to avoid the modern appliances that are needed in the majority of homes. They appear in the kitchen, the sitting room and the bathroom too.

The key is to just keep the colours neutral and don’t draw attention to them – a bright orange microwave is hardly going to fit into your rustic décor and a yellow bath would stick out like a sore thumb.

Pick Your Accessories

Whatever your current décor, using accessories is a great way to bring a different style into your home and give any property a bit of character. Rustic themes are focused around the outdoors and natural materials, so consider this when choosing your accessories.

Pictures and photos of landscapes and nature will look great on your walls, as will artwork focussed around wood and foliage. You can even bring bits and bobs into your home from outside, such as stones and logs, and create your own displays on shelves and mantelpieces.