How to get rid of Unwanted Smells in Your Property

25th September 2014 posted in Home Lifestyle Sellers Landlords


Everybody loves having their pets in their households, but not everybody loves the smell. Whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit or even a guinea pig, unwanted odours can begin to creep into your household overtime. These kind of smells can be off putting to prospective property buyers, making the selling process much more difficult.

As well as pet smells, the fact that most smokers still smoke in their homes, means that many properties for sale seem to be drenched in a musky smoke cloud. What many people don’t realise when smoking inside, is that simply opening the window will not get rid of the smell of stale cigarettes.

Over time, the odours from both your pets and your cigarette smoke creeps into your walls, furniture, carpets and even ceilings, causing moulding and dark patches in the property structure.

It is no mystery that properties with bad odours aren’t the most attractive property to a potential buyer. So whether you are looking to buy a house that has that has a particularly funny smell; are looking to sell your bad odour filled house, or even just want to get rid of a smell in your own home, i am here to help. Below I have listed some great ways to get rid of that stale smell and make your house seem fresh again:

Using Vinegar and Baking Soda

You may not think this of smoking inside, but overtime residue caused by the smoke tends to creep up your walls and ceilings. Many a time, home owners don’t even notice that the colour of the paint or wallpaper after a few years of smoking is actually a shade darker due to the constant smoke abuse. Add the smell of pets and the bacteria brought in from their fur, and you may have a real problem on your hands.

Removing this residue is no easy task. Not only does the smell need to go, but you need to scrape the moulding residue off of the inflicted areas. The best way to brighten your home and see rid of the dark shades of cigarette smoke and pet odour is to mix both vinegar and baking soda together with warm water.

Mixing one cup of vinegar with two cups of warm water, stir these in together whilst adding in a splash of baking soda. Using any simple type of rag or cloth, start scrubbing away. Make sure you get into every nuck and cranny, including window panes and door frames. I would recommend covering any carpeting or wooden flooring you have in the room, as well as removing all furniture before starting this process.

Removing Odours from Carpets

It is important not to just forget your carpeting in your home. Over years of either cigarette abuse or pet habitation, your carpet and the wood basing beneath will have been the perfect breeding ground for smoke and pet odours to absorb into. As well as this, due to the mustiness of the carpet and bacteria built up beneath it, it may be possible that the wood basing underneath your carpet has begun to mould.

There are two effective ways to rectify the damage done to the flooring, and no, vacuuming the rug will not do! If you are really wanting to get rid of the smell, you may have to invest into a specialised carpet cleaner machine. These machines are designed to fully exterminate any bacteria and smell from carpets, and should be available to hire instead of forking out a lot of cash to purchase one.

However, these carpet cleaners don’t effect the wood underneath. If it has got to the point that your wood is starting to either smell, or mould, then I would suggest lifting off the carpet, disposing of the existing wood basing and putting in a new one.  From here, you could either put back the carpet, providing it is fresh, or alternatively, leave the floor as a hardwood flooring.

After You Have Done the Basics

Now the basis of the house is smell free, it is time to do a quick spring clean. Remember that smoke and pet residue doesn’t just sink into the walls and floor, it gets in the lighting fixtures, cabinets and even in your bed sheets. Make sure you are completely cleaning the house from top to bottom to ensure no residue is left unattended.

If you can still sense a strong stale smell, the last resort would be that you may have to repaint your home. The fumes and thickness of the paint tend to mask any leftover smell from your cleaning efforts. You should know now that masking the smell isn’t the best way of getting rid of the smell, and should only be used as a last resort. 

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