How to Make Your Home Look as Photogenic as Possible

29th July 2015 posted in Home Lifestyle

How to Make Your Home Look as Photogenic as Possible

Whether you’re selling your house, renting it out, or looking for a lodger, it is important that your home looks as good as possible in the pictures.

The majority of people looking for a property will make their first impression of your home from the pictures, and that may be the deciding factor as to whether they decide to book a viewing.

Having a skilled photograph is important, but making your home look appealing before the photo-shoot even begins is half the battle. Here are some top tips for making your home look as photogenic as possible:


We all own a lot of “stuff”, and sometimes finding somewhere out of sight to store it all can be tricky. When someone is looking at pictures of your home, seeing it full of clutter is quite likely to put them off.

Tidying up your house will give you more floor space and make your property appear to be more spacious in the pictures. Try and put everything you own into cupboards and store it out of the way, even if it is just a temporary measure while you take the pictures – it is a good idea to keep it looking similar for any viewings though.

Bring the Outside In

Try and make your home look as fresh and inviting as possible – buy some bright, colourful flowers, or bring some in from the garden, and put them in a nice vase to feature in your photos.

Buy some fresh fruit and put it in a bowl on your kitchen/dining table, and buy some nice green plants to decorate your rooms with. If you need some inspiration, try looking in home magazines and checking out the different foliage they use when creating their centre page spreads.

Tell a Story

However you use the space in your home, it is important that the photographs of the rooms present it in the way that buyers will want to see it. For example, if you use your third bedroom as a storage area, make sure you dress it up as a bedroom for the photos.

For the sitting room, turn on the fire if you have one, plump up the cushions, and light some candles to show the room is cosy and lived-in. Set the table in your kitchen, fill the bread bin, and line some potted herbs along the windowsill. These little extra touches will present your property as a comfortable and happy home.

Let in the Light

It’s important to make your home look as bright and welcoming as possible. Open all the blinds and curtains, and have the photos taken when there is enough natural light to nicely highlight the features of the room.

Dark rooms can make a space feel smaller than it is and make your home feel eerie and uninviting. Potential buyers always look for houses that get plenty of natural light, so showcase it wherever you can.

Curb Appeal

The exterior of your house is just as important as the interior – a home on the market that doesn’t show any pictures of the outside space or shows it looking shabby and unkempt is sure to put off any potential buyers.

Cut your lawn, trim back plants and bushes, and clear up any leaves on your drive way. Remove any cars and garden equipment before taking the pictures, and make sure you show off both the front and back of your property.