How to transform a dull room in 5 easy steps

11th January 2021 posted in Sellers Landlords

Everyone wants a home that oozes personality and character, but if your house isn’t naturally designed with an architectural flair, it can sometimes feel like a bit of a challenge.

If you live in a terrace house or an apartment, you may find that your home lacks any focal points, which could give it that wow factor. A home needs a good balance of interior design, furnishings, and features to make it stand out and feel like your own - sometimes it just takes a few changes here and there to get the balance right.

Luckily, a dull room will usually present you with a blank canvas, meaning there are lots of different ways in which it can be transformed. Here are 5 easy steps to help you bring a dull room back to life:

Use Colour

One of the most obvious ways to transform a dull room is with the use of colour. If you don’t want anything too bright, then just using a mixture of complementary colours on the walls and throughout the furnishings will help to make your room look more interesting.

If you are feeling brave, then bold colours are a great way to transform any room. Either paint one wall a different colour to the others, or use the colour in your furnishings. A bright red sofa will completely transform a dull room, as would canary yellow curtains on a sky blue carpet.

Make the Most of the Walls

Your walls are your best opportunity to transform a room if you want to leave the furniture where it is. As mentioned above, you can paint the rooms or put up new wallpaper, but there is an easier way to make the most of them.

Mirrors and artwork can be used to completely change a room and make it feel totally new. Use mirrors of different sizes to reflect light around the room and hang pictures and art in various places on each wall to create character and reflect your personality.

Bring the Outside in

There is nothing better than flowers and fresh green plants and foliage to add texture and colour to a dull, boring room. There are lots of different types of house plants to choose from, ranging from big corner plants to smaller potted plants, or you could just use artificial plants and flowers if you don’t want to look after real ones.

Make sure you keep your plants happy and healthy, so they continue to thrive in your room, and if you use artificial plants be sure to regularly clean them, so they don’t accumulate dust and make the room appear untidy.

Combine Lighting

Many rooms just have a boring overhead ceiling light that turns on and off using a switch on the wall. It’s best to avoid this when trying to jazz up a dull room and instead use a combination of lighting.

Lamps of various heights at different points around the room will give the space a better atmosphere, and make it feel more welcoming. You can also add a dimmer switch onto your ceiling light so the lighting can be changed at any time of the day.

Add Accessories

If you have given your room a theme, add a range of accessories to enhance that theme and give the room a purpose. This could include cushions, candles or artwork. If you have a collection of old cameras or photos, for example, you could line then up along the mantelpiece.

If the room has a fireplace, even if it is not in use, you could add a fireguard and a set of poker sticks to give it an authentic feel. You can usually find a range of unique accessories on a budget at car boot sales, and these can easily be adapted to work with the space you have.

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