How To Winter Proof Your Home

16th October 2019 posted in Sellers Landlords

With summer behind us and the early days of autumn in full flow, savvy homeowners and landlords are starting to think about winter. This isn’t a post that talks about how people become too excited about Christmas far too early, it is an article aimed at helping you learn how to winter-proof your home.

Check your heating system

This tip is the most important because if you have problems with your heating system, you need to resolve them quickly. No matter what else you do to ensure your property is in excellent condition over the winter months if your heating system isn’t working efficiently, the property may well be cold, damp and miserable.

Unfortunately, if your boiler has problems, it can be costly to repair or replace it. This is why many people put off reviewing their heating system until a noticeable problem arises, but this isn’t the best strategy. It is best to be proactive, so before winter rolls around, call on a qualified professional to review your boiler.

If your boiler is in excellent condition, you’ll feel confident heading towards winter. If your boiler isn’t in good condition, you may be able to repair or upgrade it faster and for a more affordable fee than if you waited for it to break down.

Insulate your home as best you can

A highly effective way to winter-proof your home is to ensure it is adequately insulated. Insulating your home pays off in the summer by retaining heat and lowering your energy bills, but it also pays off in the summer. A well-insulated home is cool in the summertime, so you benefit all year round.

Your winter preparations should include insulating your loft and attic while lagging your pipes. Minimising the likelihood of pipes freezing, bursting or breaking is a smart move, and will hopefully make winter more comfortable to manage at home.

Seal gaps in your home

A lot of heat is lost through holes and cracks in skirting boards, floors, windows and doors. It isn’t an appealing job, but take the time to review these areas of your home, and if you have any cracks or gaps, seal them. This will significantly improve heat retention at home, and you’ll find draught excluders are affordable. You can even make your own, so you don’t need to spend any money!

Clear your drains and gutters

Clearing your drains and gutters is an important task to ensure your home runs smoothly in winter. Blocked drains and pipes increase the likelihood of flooding, which no one wants to see happening at their home.

It is a dirty job, but taking the time to clear your gutters helps you to feel confident about your home this winter.

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