Hunters – a business built on strong values

17th September 2019 posted in Hunters News

It is not as though the desire to choose organisations who can be relied upon for their sense of morals and values is a new thing for consumers and clients. If anything, this is a return to traditional values where the quality of goods and services on offer was just one of the factors which influenced people in their choice of company to hire or buy from.

However, in the present day, there is a need for people to find organisations they trust and respect. This is an era of fake news, and with social media shaping how we live, it is all too easy to overlook what is important, or what can be trusted. Consumers want to choose companies they know aren’t going to let them down, which is why businesses which are built on strong values prosper in the modern-day.

Strong values lie at the heart of our work

At Hunters, we are pleased to say strong values lie at the heart of everything we do. We have been operating since 1992, opening our first branch in York, and this philosophy is still present in our work. Operating in the property market, you deal with people at a local level every day. This ensures you get to know people, and you understand the importance your work has on their everyday lives.

While times have changed since 1992, our outlook hasn’t. We are pleased to say a large proportion of our work is based on giving back to the local community, and we encourage all our branches to get out and support what is happening on the streets around them.

Every estate agent who operates on a local level has a genuine opportunity to drive the community forward. Few organisations have the incentive to know the local area, and people, as well as an estate agent,  does. Local knowledge and information sell homes, but by supporting a local community, making it stronger, an estate agent can improve the market they operate in.

We aim to support local groups and good causes

Each Hunters franchise or branch across the country has flexibility in how they operate locally, but we are delighted that so many support local charities. It should be easy for regional offices to back local causes and charities because team members have their own stories and connections. Given the support many local charities and community groups provide to our team members, the least we can do is use our position in the region to offer aid back.

We also want to support local sports groups, at all ages and all skill levels. There is a lot to be said for businesses backing local sports teams concerning promotion and advertising, but more importantly, it is about helping people in the community make more of their life.

In addition to encouraging branches to support local causes, we also have The Nikki Waterhouse Trust, set up in February 2015 for the public benefit. The Nikki Waterhouse Trust is devoted to helping children under the age of 18 who are victims of war, natural disaster or catastrophe.

Our size, strength and position across the country provides us with the opportunity to assist others, and make life easier or more enjoyable for many people needing support. At Hunters, we take immense pride in knowing our role helps us support others, and our values will remain at the heart of our business.

If you would like to learn more about our values, or you wish to enquire about how Hunters can support your local group, please get in touch.