Ikea Hacks - Christmas Style

21st December 2012 posted in Home Lifestyle

Ikea Hacks - Christmas Style

Ikea Hacks are upcycled and normally better versions of things from everyone’s favourite affordable furniture peddler. Here are some festively-themed versions of the above from around the web.

Wrapping Paper Storage 1


If you’re anything like me, you end up with a pesky roll of wrapping paper after Christmas that ends up getting unceremoniously shoved in a cupboard. To keep your wrapping paper neat, tidy and accessible, just use the Ikea plastic bag holder. I actually think that this Ikea buy serves a much better purpose here as it tends to look messy filled with plastic bags. Tip-  screw the holder to the wall instead of using the Ikea sticky fixers, as they invariably fall off quite quickly.  

Wrapping Paper Storage 2

Here’s another great way of keeping wrapping paper in tip-top condition using Ikea accessories. Simple storage rods attach to a door or wall. Use screw-in hooks to attach to the cardboard tube inside the wrapping paper, and hang on the rods. This is practical and it looks good too. You can actually use the rail, with hooks, to organize all kinds of craft supplies in one place, from scissors, to ribbons and tape.


Julkul Tree Baubles

Make cute and crafty tree baubles from Ikea Jukul cupcake liners. They’re simple to make; you simply fold the liners, glue the centres together and if you like, attach a ribbon decoration. Tutorial here.


Tree made from Cardboard Box

For possibly the ultimate Ikea hack, you can make a tree from the cardboard box that your Ikea goodies came in. Works with any cardboard box!

Christmas Tree from Stanne Table Lamp

A super-easy Ikea hack  - just take the Skanne lamp and arrange it to look tree-like, and decorate with mini baubles, ribbons, and other small, sparkly things. A great tabletop “tree” for limited spaces. As this is an led light, it’s an energy –saving alternative to traditional Christmas lights.

Coaster Decorations

Use Ikea coasters, hung from white ribbons, as decorations. As shown here, they look great hung in the window but they would work anywhere in the house, or hung individually as tree ornaments.

DIY Christmas-Themed Ikea Lantern

Give the ever-popular Ikea lantern a temporarily festive feel.  They’re easy to make if you have a crafty streak – just cut the shapes out of appropriately-coloured card and attach with foam stickers. View the full tutorial here.


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