The importance of choosing a franchised estate agent

15th July 2019 posted in Sellers

With so many estate agents to choose from, how can you be confident about selecting the correct one? Online agents have transformed the industry, and they provide services for people of all backgrounds and budgets. However, many find online agents aren’t yet capable of delivering the standard of service people expect when selling their home.

You need an agent with local experience, with industry expertise, and who can provide you with the support and guidance you need. If you’re selling your home, the importance of choosing a franchised estate agent cannot be overstated.

You tap into experience

A franchised estate agent can call on business and industry expertise, regardless of their location or knowledge of the individual agent. Selling your home is a process, consisting of many different steps, so it makes sense to call on agents with a solid track record in these processes.

Hunters have been operating since 1992 when the organisations’ first branch opened in York. In more than 25 years, Hunters has developed invaluable experience, through highs and lows in the property market. You want an agent that has moved with the times, but who can still offer traditional customer service, which is why a franchised estate agent is of benefit.

Your property can reach more people

Remember, prospective buyers, aren’t just people who already live in your area. There may be people looking to move to your area for work, for family reasons, to try a new environment, or any number of reasons.

People who don’t live in your local area, but who want to buy a home in your area aren’t going to call on a small local agent they don’t know. These buyers are going to turn to an agent whose name they recognise, but who show they know a local buyer.

These buyers will choose a franchised estate agent as it will provide them with the best of both worlds. As a vendor, you want to ensure as many likely buyers see your home as possible, so choosing a franchised estate agent makes sense.

Franchised agents receive training and are certified

A strong reason to select a franchised agent is these agents receive training and obtain certifications and qualifications. A vital component of the franchise system is providing the same standard of service in many locations, which means that employees in the network receive training. As an example, Hunters has the Hunters Training Academy, which offers learning programmes endorsed by the NAEA and ARLA.

Many smaller and independent agents don’t have the time or cover to send their agents on training schemes. If you want the peace of mind and confidence that comes from enlisting the services of a trained team of agents, choosing a franchised agency makes sense.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to finding the agent who is perfect for your needs. However, remember you have individual needs. Take the time to consider what you want from an estate agent, and take time to ask questions. At Hunters, we are always happy to hear from you.

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