The importance of Digital Marketing for Hunters offices

24th September 2019 posted in Hunters News

We live in a digital world where consumers and clients are connected to companies, and each other, in an instant. Many new industries have emerged thanks to the development of digital technology, and many existing sectors have been changed beyond all recognition.

It would be correct to say that digital marketing has significantly affected the property market and estate agents. Digital marketing refers to all marketing activities which utilise an electronic device, or which are carried out online. SEO activities, social media posts, email lists, websites and all other forms of electronic engagement are classed as digital marketing, and the importance to estate agents should be evident.

Digital marketing is essential for estate agents

Therefore, the digital market is critical for Hunters offices, which is why we place so much importance on this aspect of our business. We know many individual companies and local operators struggle to utilise digital marketing or know where to begin. Our expertise, size and scale allow us to develop best practice when it comes to digital marketing, and our branches and franchisees benefit from this work. Ultimately, the end-users, our buyers and vendors, reap the rewards of Hunters taking digital marketing seriously.

When you think about the process of how a buyer purchases a property, so much of the work is carried out online. A buyer may see an advert for an estate agent online, persuading them to click a link to their website. Alternatively, a buyer may peruse a property portal, find a property they like the look of, and then click on the link to reach

Digital marketing brings your activities together

The real importance of digital marketing for Hunters offices is an acknowledgement that there are so many ways for prospective clients to find a home or choose an estate agent. Traditionally, an estate agent could thrive on having a High Street presence and promoting property in their window and a local newspaper or property listing. This strategy is no longer successful by itself.

While there is a need for estate agents to be present across a wide range of digital platforms, there needs to be consistency in the message. If a prospective buyer sees a social media advert for property and doesn’t realise the agent is the same company as the one who wrote an informative blog, the impact of digital marketing is lost.

A cohesive approach to digital marketing is a significant reason why franchisees and clients, recognise and choose Hunters. Knowing that you have selected a company with a strong presence provides people with confidence, as well as strengthening the presence in the market.

Buyers and vendors are online, which is why digital marketing is imperative for all Hunters offices. Online content and a social presence ensure the office is always open and always able to provide a warm welcome.

Whether you are a vendor or buyer looking to make your next move, or an estate agent looking to improve your digital presence, Hunters is in a position to assist you. Please contact us today to learn how our digital marketing approach is of benefit to you.