The Importance of High Quality Images When Listing Property

14th January 2019 posted in Sellers

Even though the demand for property outstrips the supply of homes onto the market, selling your home is a challenging process. This is a highly competitive marketplace, and it is vital that vendors do everything they can to grab the attention of prospective buyers.

With the majority of buyers starting their search online, you need to make sure your home is on online property portals and that it is ready to stand out from the crowd. With buyers scrolling through lists of potential homes, you need to have something that stops them in their tracks. High-quality images of your home are crucial in stopping buyers, diverting their attention to their home and generating interest in what you offer.

Great images attract attention

There have been various studies into the importance of high-quality photography in selling a home. The overall figures vary but there is a consensus that homes with quality images attract more attention and sell faster. It also makes sense that a selection of images around the home is more appealing than one or two good images, with homeowners using a range of images selling their home faster.

When it comes to taking great images of a home, it makes sense to call on an expert. In the present day, smartphones have dependable cameras, and it is possible to take good images. However, great quality images aren’t just about the quality of the camera, it depends on features like:

·        The staging of the home to create space

·        The use of light in the home to create an atmosphere

·        Presenting a room to appeal to a certain buyer

·        Awareness of key features in the room and then accentuating these elements in the images

These are all important factors in creating images that ensure prospective buyers stop scrolling and pay attention to what is on offer.

Make the biggest impact that you can

No matter how well worded a property listing is or how appealing your local area is, when you sell a home, you need your home to stand out and appeal to buyers. Images have been proven to have a bigger impact on how we think and react, with the old saying about how an image is worth a thousand words not being too far off the mark.

When selling your home, you need to use every advantage that you can. Great quality images are a brilliant way to attract attention and convince buyers your home has something of interest.

Don’t forget that when you have great images of your home, you can also share them on social media. Social media thrives on fantastic images, so it is the perfect platform to promote your home and share images while providing a link to the property listing.

At Hunters Castleford, we know the importance of proper promotion when selling your home. The quality of your images has a huge role to play in attracting the attention of buyers and making sure your home is more appealing than other homes on the market. If you want to ensure your home is presented and promoted in the most effective manner, get in touch and we will be more than happy to assist you.