Importance of Property Valuation When Selling Your Home

13th February 2019 posted in Sellers

There are many important things to consider when selling your home, but the value of your property has to be one of the most important factors. At Hunters Camberwell, we are keen to ensure you make a fully informed decision when selling your home and we believe a property value, and the reasoning behind the valuation, provides you with the ideal platform to price your home and market its essential features.

You won’t be surprised to learn that a wide range of factors influences the valuation of a property. There are some factors that are generally about homes and property in your area and there will also be factors that relate specifically to your property. You will see many estate agents offering instant valuations on their website and if you are developing an interest in an area or you want to compare areas, this information can be of benefit.

There is a lot to consider when pricing or valuing a home

Factors that influence the general value of homes in an area include:

·        The size of the property

·        The level of demand for property in the area

·        The location of the property

·        The availability of amenities and facilities in the area

These issues are considered and used alongside recent property sale prices, creating a general value for the property. This information will allow you to compare homes or narrow down your options but if you are serious about making a move in the market, you need to obtain an accurate valuation of your property.

Again, there are many factors that influence the accurate valuation of a property, including:

·        How old property is

·        The condition of the home

·        How much storage space is available in the home

·        If the home has seen any structural improvements

·        The layout of the property

·        Fixtures and fittings in the property

·        The standard and condition of heating and electrics in the property

·        Double glazing and insulation at home

·        Available parking at home

·        The availability and size of a garden

All these issues impact on the desirability and suitability of a home, and they influence the accurate valuation of the property.

Make sure you reach the most appropriate buyer

When you sell your home, you need to ensure you list your property at the most appropriate price. Buyers can set their search parameters for property and if you are priced too high or too low, you will not be seen by the buyers you want to connect with.

Also, if you price your home too high and you generate no interest, you can cause problems for yourself. Many vendors have priced their home at a high level and then when they lowered the price after receiving no interest, they found that people were suspicious of the quality of the home and wanted to know more about why the price of the home was being lowered.

There is nothing wrong with pricing your home above the average price, as long as you can justify the price of your home. Having an accurate valuation provides you with all the justification you need when selling your home, and it is vital information to have.

If you are keen to sell your home and require assistance, turn to Hunters Camberwell and we will be more than happy to assist you.