Interior Design Trends

17th March 2017 posted in Home Lifestyle

With green well and truly in, along with mixed patterns and interesting textures, 2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year for interior design.

Keeping up to date with the latest trends in interiors can help make your home appeal to the widest audience, giving a contemporary feel which could sway the decision of a potential buyer. Stylish décor, teamed with professional photography is a great combination to market your home in the best possible way.

Here we share with you this year’s main colour and material trends to keep your home looking modern and fresh, whether you are preparing to sell or just wanting to update and enjoy your space.


Colours can really date or modernise a room. Cheery green is a huge trend in home décor, fashion and commercial design this year. “Greenery” has been named 2017 Pantone Color Of The Year, representing refreshment and revitalisation. Using a splash of the latest colours in throw pillows or throws, colourful plant pots and accessories means you can update your rooms without breaking the bank.

Rich jewel tones are also very in this year, teamed with soft pastel colours to create a bohemian vibe. Navy is the new black; being the preferred alternative this year as a modern twist with a traditional feel, navy pairs well with practically any colour scheme.

Grey was the prominent colour in 2016 interiors and it will continue to reign in 2017, with different tones of grey, lots of grey and white, and deeper greys. Grey complements a full spectrum of shades. Raw whites such as chalky white and bone white are becoming more and more popular this year, especially for artisanal and handcrafted goods, giving off a natural and organic look. Neutral colours are in – white and grey as already mentioned, plus beiges, camel, and blush pink.

Materials, fabrics and patterns

Terracotta is huge this year with the natural look being back in. It creates a cosy and comforting warmth within a space, and its distinct colour makes it perfect for beautiful decorative pieces such as pots, tiles and other décor items.

Mixing bold, colourful patterns is definitely on trend, going hand in hand with the fashionable jewel tones creating a bohemian feel which can incorporate unusual pieces from past travels and create a unique and interesting space.

Highly textural fabrics such as pleating and folding in velvets and cottons, as well as faux fur, mohair and other luxuriously soft materials all look set to be popular. It’s not just faux rugs which people are loving, other faux materials such as faux wood beams, faux leather counters, faux foliage, and manufactured grey floors are all in demand.

House plants are a great way to connect the indoors with the outdoors. With Pantones Color Of The Year announced – we already know 2017 will be a very green year. Improving the air quality in your home, as well perking up your mood it’s no surprise the popularity of house plants continue to rise.

Cork is making a comeback and will be big this year. Cork feature walls are a perfect place to pin your inspirational bits and bobs to. Works great in an office or even in a bedroom to keep you stay organised, motivated and productive. Teamed with copper textures and accessories this creates a stylish, rustic look.