Internal Blinds - New European Legistlation

18th February 2016 posted in Hunters News

Internal Blinds - New European Regulations
New European Regulations now apply to the installations for raising and lowering blinds; and the movement of curtains across windows. 
This means that new blinds and curtains being installed by a contractor will have fixed cords or ball bearing pulls to prevent any danger of asphyxiation to a young child; and a warning notice with the purchasing material.  
Existing blinds and windows may need to be fitted with safety features to ensure compliance to ensure safety. Throughout the Agent’s period of management, they will check all blinds and curtains on a management visit and if necessary arrange for the relevant safety feature to be fitted at the Landlord’s expense.  If the Agent is not managing the premises at any time, it will be your responsibility to make such checks and arrange the fitting of any necessary safety feature.  
Should you require more information on safety fixtures fitting to your property please contact the maintenance department on 01904 756 150 or your local Office direct.