Invigorate Your Bathroom To Sell Your Home

4th July 2019 posted in Sellers

When you are selling your home, every room is essential, but some rooms are more important than others. The kitchen and bathroom are hugely important when making a positive impact on buyers. There is a need to ensure these rooms are spotless and hygienic, but you also want to create a welcoming atmosphere.

As always, think about the needs of the likely buyer when you consider making improvements to your bathroom. There is a massive difference between a functional bathroom and a luxurious bathroom. One style of room is ideal for people who like to get in and then get out, while a completely different type of bathroom is required by people who can spend hours relaxing and luxuriating in an elegant bathroom.

Simple upgrades make a big difference

A few years ago, vendors were encouraged to overhaul their bathrooms before selling their home, but this is no longer required. A few simple upgrades and improvements can provide all the changes a vendor needs to make. The style of the house should be a factor in the changes you make. If you live in an old property with period pieces or features, choose upgrades that match or accentuate these elements. If you live in a modern home, opt for a contemporary style.

If you plan on changing your colour scheme, it is best to opt for a neutral option. Whites, browns and greys aren’t startling or going to stand out compared to other homes, but this isn’t a bad thing. If you try to turn heads with your bathroom layout and look, it is likely you will turn many people off. You can add cute accessories to make your bathroom stand out, but mainly, it is best to choose a safe and straightforward colour scheme and style.

Make sure you check the standard of your fittings. These should be in a good standard, and if not, this is an area where you can invest money and see a positive return on your expenditure. If you have repair jobs or niggling problems with your bathroom, it is best to deal with them before you place your home on to the market.

Provide more storage if you can

Storage space is a critical factor for buyers, and the more storage space you can offer, the better. Everyone needs to store items in their bathroom, and you have a lot of freedom in styling your bathroom for storage and ease-of-use.

Again, the most likely buyer will influence what storage you need. Young professionals may prefer stylish racks, often in chrome, whereas a young family may prefer the functionality of a safe and secure cabinet that prevents children from gaining access to medicine or expensive beauty products.

Wall cabinets help to create more floor space and can emphasise a look or style in your bathroom. For work of this nature, call on an expert unless you know what you are doing or you feel very confident about the process.

Improving your bathroom helps you to make a positive impact on buyers, and this may make the difference between other people making an offer or not. If you are looking for assistance in selling your home, contact Hunters Camberwell, and we’ll be more than happy to help.