Is January The Best Month For A Quick House Sale?

7th January 2020 posted in Sellers

It is easy to see why many people believe January is a trying time of year to sell your home. The weather is miserable, and many people don’t have a lot of money after dealing with the excesses of the festive season. However, there are reasons why January is a good time of year to sell your home, and research from the HomeOwners Alliance suggests if you want to sell your home quickly, January is well worth considering.

The company has used data from an estate agent analyst tool they use, and over the past five years, properties listed in January have taken an average of 58 days to sell. In 2019, the overall speed of the sale was 69 days, and in the previous four years, the average was 61 days. This indicates it took longer to sell a property in 2019 than it had previously, but there is evidence which suggests homes listed in January move faster.

Buyers are active in January

There is evidence which suggests buyers are looking for homes at the end of December, and this translates to keen buyers in January. Both Rightmove and Zoopla experience an increase in hits on their website in the week between Christmas and New year, which suggests buyers are looking for homes at this time.

Paula Higgins is the Chief Executive of HomeOwners Alliance, and she said; “With the General Election and Christmas now behind us and children back at school, people are starting to put into action their plans for the year. Traditionally people wait for Spring to sell their homes, but our data shows if you’re looking to get moving, then there’s no better time to put your house on the market than this month.”

Not every vendor is looking to arrange a quick sale of their home, but if you are, we can help. We know what local buyers are looking for, and we will ensure you present your home most appropriately. It is also imperative you enter the market with an accurate valuation for your property.

It would be best if you placed an accurate price on your property

Failing to appoint a local agent to undertake the valuation process makes it more likely your home will not be accurately priced. The size and condition of your rental property are vital in determining its price, but local factors also play a crucial role in what buyers are willing to pay. Therefore, you need an agent who knows local values and can help you find the best price for your property.

If you are looking to sell your home in 2020, we can arrange a property valuation for you. We are pleased to say we have assisted many vendors in and around Camberwell to sell their home. We are highly experienced, we know what local buyers are looking for, and we can take buyers from start to finish when it comes to property sales. If 2020 is the year you make a move, get in touch, and we will be happy to assist you.