Keeping Greenwich Fed During Lockdown

25th June 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

While there haven’t been too many positive news stories of late, it is heartening to hear tales of people banding together in their community. These are tough times for most of us, but of course, there will always be some people struggling, and these people need even more support.

A team of chefs in Greenwich have been reaching out during the lockdown, and their hard work has ensured many of the vulnerable people in the borough have been able to eat. The chefs have been cooking and freezing up to 300 meals a day, and they’ve said this is something they wish to do to support the community.

The council looked for volunteers – and thousands responded

In March, Greenwich Council, in association with Charlton Athletic and the GCDA, called for volunteers so they could co-ordinate a community approach to dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

With thousands of people volunteering, there was more than enough support to initiate a community hub, which has been run by volunteers. The council says that in seven weeks, close to 32,000 hours of voluntary time has been clocked up.

While some people have had more time on their hands of late, volunteering is still a noble act. It is isn’t easy to commit to the process, especially at a time when many people are shielding at home.

Some people feel as though they need to give something back

One chef who has volunteered is Conrad Dsouza, who is a professional chef from Greenwich. Conrad has worked with a team using ingredients which have been donated by Fareshare. People in the local community have provided positive feedback on the meals.

Conrad Dsouza said in an interview with the News Shopper site; “I have a much-needed skill that is of benefit to a lot of people in our community right now - especially those who may otherwise struggle to support themselves. I have to say, chefs like Shara and Connor who are part of my volunteering team, have made this experience great. They have been so supportive and share the same positive attitude for helping our community. It's been a wonderful challenge to look at the ingredients we get donated by Fareshare and create meals that are delicious, satisfying and fulfilling for whoever eats them.”

The Mayor of Greenwich, Cllr Linda Bird, spoke about the hard work and effort shown by so many people in the borough, and she paid tribute to the volunteers. Cllr Bird said; “Volunteers make such a significant contribution to our borough, and we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who is volunteering their time and skills to helping the community at this time.”

Cllr Bird continued by saying; “Whether you are helping an organisation, you’re a COVID-19 volunteer or you are helping neighbours in your local community, everything you are doing is making a big difference to people’s lives.”

The Volunteer Centre Greenwich remains available to assist people looking to volunteer find worthwhile opportunities with businesses in the local area.

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