Key Interior Design Trends For Autumn

18th September 2014 posted in Home Lifestyle

Key Interior Design Trends For Autumn

As autumn creeps in, it’s time to re-think our wardrobe and get out the coats and boots. Fashion isn’t the only thing that changes through the year though; interior design often follows the seasonal trends.

It’s nice to change your home décor with the seasons, but it doesn’t mean you have to give your entire house an overhaul; just a few changes here and there will make a huge difference.

Warm Colours

Spring and summer are reflected in bright sunny colours, such as pastels and yellows, so autumn and winter need to be the opposite. Choose warm and neutral colours such as dark reds and browns, as these will give your home a really cosy feel.

If you want to choose a slightly more unique colour, then dark blues and purples are very trendy this year and will your home an autumn glow while adding a bit of character.


Lighting can be used in tons of different ways when it comes to creating a nice autumnal atmosphere. Try and choose ceiling lights that have a dimmer switch, as this will allow you to control the brightness levels in each room.

For cosy nights in, try and stick to lamps and candles, as these will really make you feel snuggled in against the cold and give your home a lovely warm ambience. Place lamps on coffee tables and cabinets, and use pillar candles on your mantelpiece and hearth.


If you don’t want to change too much about your home décor, then the best way to bring the autumn trends into your home is by using accessories. Use warm coloured throws and cushions around your sitting room and invest in a fluffy rug to put on the floor.

Buy darker curtains with thick linings to keep the warmth in, and decorate your rooms with a range of darker and heavier fabrics. Using different smells is also a good way to make your home feel more autumnal, so invest in scented candles and change up your air fresheners.

Wooden Furniture

Many autumn trends are inspired by nature, so try and make your home feel as outdoorsy and rustic as possible. Wooden furniture is great for giving your home a traditional autumn feel, so take off any summery tablecloths and embrace the real wood below.

If you are thinking about buying new furniture, then consider both the style and shapes of the pieces you are looking at. Another great way to embrace an autumnal, wooden décor is by adopting a very popular trend of using sculpted driftwood as a decorative item in any of your rooms.

Heavy Metal

Another great texture to embrace through autumn is metal. Bronze and copper both look beautiful in the kitchen and bathroom, and reflect the warm browns and oranges of the season.

Kitchenware and bathroom fittings are perfect for integrating seasonal hues and both tend to be timeless investments. If you don’t want to go quite as far as to buying a whole set of kitchenware, then take the metallic accents and incorporate them in other ways.