Lewisham Foodbank Is Open And Needs Help

17th April 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

The current situation is challenging for everyone, but for people who were already dealing with hardship, the impact of the Coronavirus brings many challenges. It is easy to see how the closure of shops has disrupted life for many of us, but for people who are dependent on foodbanks have been left devastated by the reduction in service that can be offered by these groups.

Many people will agree that one of the best things about local life in Lewisham, and surrounding areas, is the sense of community. There have been many changes across South East London, but a lot of residents point to the support and help on offer.

While it would be great to live in a society where food banks are not required, they are sadly a necessary function in the present day. Therefore, the impact of COVID-19 and the way we live our lives will have a significant effect on many in our community. If you are in a position to support Lewisham foodbank, with money, donations or your time, it would be well received.

There has been a reduction in service from foodbanks during the current crisis

Even though there is a significant demand for services provided by Foodbanks, it is no surprise that many food banks are currently closed. Of all the centres serving the Lewisham community, only the Hope Centre on Malham Road is open for donations.

This makes it more challenging for people to support the work carried out by the centre.

Anyone who is able to drop off items for donation can choose from the following shops:

·         Tesco Superstore, 209 Lewisham Rd SE13 7PY

·         Tesco Superstore, Croydon Rd, Beckenham BR3 4AA

·         Sainsbury’s Local, 313-315 Kirkdale, SE26 4QB    

·         Waitrose, 1 Southend Road, Beckenham BR3 1SD

·         Sainsbury’s, 263D New Cross Rd, London SE14 5UQ

Can you help Lewisham foodbank?

On the foodbank’s website, there is a list of items they urgently require, and donations of these items will be welcome:

Urgently needed items include:

·         UHT milk (not blue)

·         Long-life juice

·         Cereal

·         Soup (not meat)

·         Tinned beans

·         Tinned tomatoes

·         Tinned vegetables

·         Tinned pulses

·         Tinned potatoes

·         Tinned fish

·         Tinned fruit

·         Tinned rice pudding

·         Biscuits

·         Rice

·         Pasta

·         Pasta sauce

·         Tea bags

·         Shower gel

·         Toilet rolls

·         Low/reduced sugar baked beans

·         Low/reduced sugar spaghetti hoops

·         No added sugar tinned fruit

·         Low/reduced sugar cereal

These are challenging times, and many people are not in a position where they can think of others. This is completely understandable, and people need to focus on supporting themselves and their loved ones. However, anyone who is in a position to support the work carried out by the Lewisham Food Group will find that anything they can do will be gratefully received.

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