Limett Bistro Still Delivering

6th April 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

One of the best things about local life in areas like Forest Hill and West Dulwich is the number of great restaurants to choose from. Whether you didn’t fancy cooking at home, or you wanted to enjoy a special night, there was no shortage of options to visit in the local area.

Therefore, the lockdown in dealing with the Coronavirus crisis has had a significant impact on local life and businesses. The loss of a favourite restaurant is disappointing for many people, but it is deeply upsetting for the people involved with the company.

A lot of the most popular restaurants are independently owned and fiercely unique. There is nothing wrong with chain restaurants, and there are many reasons to enjoy what is on offer from these establishments. However, a local business serving up unique dishes and an excellent standard of service is something to cherish.

You can still enjoy takeaways and deliveries from local restaurants

It is therefore pleasing to see local restaurants offering a takeaway and delivery service during the present time. An example of a local restaurant which is still providing their audience with great meals is the Limett Bistro on Thurlow Park Road in West Dulwich.

The restaurant is well known for offering a Mediterranean fusion of dishes, and there is a vast range to choose from on their menu. There is currently a collection service on offer, and deliveries are being made in a three-mile radius from West Dulwich.

A lot of people are opting for takeaways a bit more regularly than usual. There is a lot to be said for supporting local businesses, some people don’t want to venture out too often, and if you have the means, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to something beautiful.

Make the most of this current situation

It is crucial people eat well in the lockdown period, and home cooking is sure to be an essential component of how people keep well. Cooking isn’t just about the nourishment from food, it can be a social activity, and it can be an activity which allows people time to focus on something which matters, but also, which isn’t the current situation.

Creating a fantastic meal is a joy for many reasons, and this should also be encouraged. However, if you don’t have the right ingredients to hand, or you fancy something different, supporting local businesses will provide you with everything you need to ensure you and your loved ones are making the most of the current situation.

Anyone looking to support local business will find Limett Bistro a suitable choice.

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