Little luxuries every home deserves

31st January 2018 posted in Home Lifestyle

Every home deserves a little something to look forward to after a long day in the office, and it doesn’t always need to cost the earth. We’ve put together some ideas to add a little opulence to your abode.

Beautiful Bed linens

Who doesn’t love to fall into a beautifully dressed bed after a tough day? Investing in some quality bed linen can make all the difference to a good night’s sleep. The higher the thread count, the better and pay attention to the feel of the fabric when making your choice. Fabric selection really is subjective whether you opt for good quality cotton, silk, jersey or even super-cosy flannel to snuggle down in for the winter. Keep an eye out for sales on the high street when you can often pick up a luxurious set for next to nothing.

Calming Candlelight

What’s lovelier than filling your home with wonderful fragrances and flickering, low light? Every home looks more luxurious by candlelight, whatever the decor. Try jazzing up your evening meal by including candles in your table settings. It’s sure to make even an everyday meal feel like something a little bit special. Heavily scented candles are wonderful and matching with a diffuser can allow your home to have a luxurious scent that lingers.

Bathing Beauties

There’s nothing quite like unwinding in a tub full of wonderfully scented bubbles. Making sure that your bathroom contains a selection of decadent bath salts, bathing milk and bubble bath for your family to enjoy is an easy way to add a little touch of luxury to any home. Lighting should be muted so maybe give your spotlights a rest and opt for candlelight to create a spa-like setting in your own home. Keep a soft, fluffy robe on hand to keep you cosy as you go from bathroom to bedroom. 

Fake It With Fur

Faux fur rugs are a great way to cosy-up any space. Rugs are great under-foot in the bedroom, living room or bathroom or can even add a touch of interest to an occasional chair. A faux fur throw can make a bedroom look plush instantly but they’re also great to snuggle under on the sofa.  

Make a Smart Investment

Investing wisely in a piece of furniture, be it a gorgeous Ercol dining set that will last for decades and beyond, a beautiful rug or some handcrafted throw cushions, can act as a bright spark in an otherwise frugally decorated home. Having something beautiful in your home can lift a room and lift your spirits. Furthermore, if looked after properly, investments pieces can make you money in time.

So what are you waiting for? Why not treat your home today and invest in some little luxuries.