Local Amenities That Can Boost the Value of Your Home

22nd August 2014 posted in Property News Home Lifestyle

There are many things that can affect the value of your home, including how big it is, what the layout is like, the condition it is in and how long ago it was built. There are however many other factors that can affect your property’s value, and one of those is local amenities.

Check out the local amenities that could boost the value of your home:


For any homeowners with children, or those planning on starting a family, being close to some good schools is hugely important. You can find out which area a school is in using a boundary map, and you would be surprised by how much more people will pay to live in a favourable area.

Having more than one school within walking distance to your home will also boost its value, so buying a home in a well sought after school area will definitely make a difference when it comes to selling up.

Parks/Recreational Areas

Large open spaces where people can take their children or pets and just enjoy being close to nature are very popular with house hunters. Properties that are close to parks and recreational areas tend to have a higher value than those that aren’t.

If the parks contain a nice lake or play area, they are even more sought after, as long as they are well maintained and in a low criminal area. Playgrounds and parks have been seen to transform neighbourhoods.


Houses in an area that has a variety of eateries and bars are always very popular, meaning they tend to have a higher value. If the only eateries are fast food places, then this may still give a property a boost, but not by as much.

Homes near prestigious restaurants are considered to be in quality, upmarket neighbourhoods, so properties located in that area will almost always merit a larger price tag.


Close shopping districts with a range of different services have been seen to have a positive effect on property prices. These services usually include a supermarket, coffee shop, bookstore, gym and boutiques.

A study in America found that homes that were within a quarter of a mile to a grocery store had an increased value of 20% than those that were further away. There is nothing more convenient than being able to pop down the road to get some last minute bits and bobs for dinner when you need to.

Local Authorities

Everyone wants to feel safe in his or her home, so it’s no surprise that being close to local authorities such as police stations and hospitals can help to increase the value of a property.

Knowing that they can easily reach assistance if they need to gives people a better sense of security, as they know that should an emergency arise they would be able to get help in a short amount of time.


Being able to walk to places instead of always having to get in the car can have a big effect on a property’s value. Back in 2009, a study by CEOs for Cities found that in 13 out of 15 markets, homes in walkable neighbourhoods had a much higher value.

Living close enough to walk to a variety of local facilities is a huge factor when it comes to buying a new home, as not only is it more convenient for people, but it also signifies a safer, more sociable area.

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