Local Butcher Helping Forest Hill Residents Eat Well

14th June 2020 posted in Property News

While it is pleasing to see local restaurants and takeaway stores offering services to clients in this troubled time, not everyone is looking to eat in this way. A lot of people are taking the opportunity to develop their cooking skills.

If you have been on social media, you will have been overwhelmed by the amount of people making soda bread and other bakery treats. There was a sense of overkill with this activity, but it is great to see people develop new skills and feeling more confidence.

You also have a lot of people looking to improve the quality of food they eat during lockdown. If you cannot leave the home to visit a great restaurant, why not try and improve the standard of your meals at home? It is not as though you have to have a succulent meal every day, but once every few days or even every couple of weeks can create a special occasions or atmosphere at home.

Many people are returning to basics with shopping

There is a growing number of people who are keen to return to basics when it comes to buying food, and this means local butchers, fishmongers, grocers and over traditional retailers are coming to the fore once again.

These stores that offer delivery services or allow consumers to collect items in a safe manner are thriving. When you buy from these shops, you get great quality food. However, you are also supporting a local business, and they in turn are supporting local suppliers. One small change in your shopping habits can create a chain of benefits which help a local community prosper.

A great example of this comes from The Butchery, which is a small selection of independent butchers across the capital. The Butchery offers home delivery, ensuring they can keep going, while helping people to enjoy the finest cuts of meat from the comfort of their home.

The Butchery has a shop in Forest Hill, and it will likely be a common feature amongst many locals. They also have a stall at Brockley Market every Saturday in addition to having stores in Bermondsey and Spitalfields. Anyone looking for deliveries across South and East London will find this is a viable local butcher to consider.

Ruth and Nathan are the owners and they say they’ve received “amazing support from our regular customers and gained many new ones through lockdown”. However, with a loosening of lockdown restrictions expected to come in the next few weeks, the owners have concerns that people’s shopping habits might revert back to normal. Ruth and Nathan said they can “already see that starting to reduce as it eases and the large supermarkets adjust to the changing needs of customers”.

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