Local Fitness Expert Supporting People In And Around Hornchurch

30th April 2020 posted in Property News Home Lifestyle Sellers Buyers

It is vital to follow guidance from experts, especially if you are doing something new. With people’s movements being restricted, a lot of people need to find a different way to remain active. One local fitness specialist has been helping local people to remain active, regardless of their fitness levels.

Sam Isaacs has spoken to the Romford Recorder about his keep-fit classes, saying; “I have been getting my neighbours outside their houses doing a keep fit routine to help keep their minds and bodies active during the coronavirus crisis. Many of them are elderly and have been enjoying the sessions.”

Stay active however you can

Sam is a well-known name and face, and his keep fit classes for people aged 60 or above at Ardleigh House in Hornchurch. He also said; “As everyone has to stay at home, I have been recording sessions for my class and sending them via WhatsApp to them. Many others who cannot go to the gym at present have joined my WhatsApp group and are feeling the benefit of regular keep fit sessions.”

Sam spoke to Time 107.5 about his classes, which are low intensity classes. It is great that people like Joe Wickes, the Body Coach, creates enteric courses and classes for people, but these aren’t suitable for everyone. These more sedate classes, which are broken down into small sections, focus on cardio, stretching and other activities.

Anything which helps people remain mobile during these tough times is to be commended. Sam said; “It is so important as we get older to start looking after our joints and muscles because as the saying goes ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it’. If they need to use a chair, they can use a chair. We do balance work, we’re walking on the spot, we’re doing squats but squats within reason that you’re not going to hurt yourself if you have bad knees or bad hips.”

Fitness classes benefit mental and physical well-being

In addition to the fitness benefits, these classes and doing something together with other people at the same time, has a positive well-being impact. By keeping your body healthy, some people find they also boost their mental health, which is why it is vital to remain active, and classes like this make a difference.

Sam is also active in raising money to support the NHS in the memory of a local GP who passed away when treating people suffering from coronavirus. Dr Syed Zishan Haider, was in his 80s, and he worked in Dagenham for 30 years. To many in the local area, he was a popular figure, and Sam knew the Doctor’s wife well, as she regularly attended his classes.

Sam said; “The NHS need every penny they can get and I would like to raise funds for them in memory of a man who, along with many other NHS workers, sacrificed his life saving others.”

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