Local Wine Delivery Helps Many Households

16th April 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

There is no denying we all need a bit of help and support at the moment. When every day and often mundane activities such as shopping becomes a massive challenge, or impossible, it is explicit that a normal existence is not currently possible.

One of the best things about life in Forest Hill and surrounding areas is the sense of community. There are many areas in London to consider, but the local attractions, shops, transport and a sense of togetherness is a crucial factor in why this is the ideal location for many households.

Some of these aspects aren’t too important right now, but there is no denying the presence of local shops is essential. Even though non-essential shops aren’t open, people want to see these stores return after the lockdown period, and for the local community to thrive once again.

We need local shops and they need us

When we move on from the current situation, there will be a need to support local shops, if possible. Also, right now, there are local stores offering help and assistance, and people can help themselves while helping others at the same time.

161 Food and Drink is currently closed in accordance with Government guidance, but they are still supporting the local community. With a service entitles THE MILK ROUND, there is help on offer to people who are keen to ensure their wine collection doesn’t run out!

There will be many people who say wine isn’t an essential item at the moment, but there will also be many people who say wine is one of the critical items in dealing with the current situation. Therefore, it is excellent to know wine deliveries are being offered with no delivery charge to all SE London postcodes.

As you would expect, this is a no-contact drop-off service, and the wine will be delivered to your doorstep.

Get help in maintaining home life right now

Yes, if you have a SE postcode, you can make an order with deliveries taking place on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Whether you want to ensure you are stocked up in time for the weekend or you want to ensure you top up what you have in the house, you can choose a day that suits you best. Anyone making an order before midday on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday should receive their wine the same day!

For shoppers in the SE London area, there is also a discount code on offer when buying cases of wine. For a six-bottle case, people can enjoy 10% off by using the MILKROUND6 code, and there is 15% on offer for a 12-pack of wine when using the code MILKROUND12.

There is also a free delivery offer available for a range of SW postcodes when using the code MILKROUND.

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