The Luxury Accommodation Market of Bethnal Green

14th September 2018 posted in Buyers

Bethnal Green is one of the most appealing areas in London right now.

Not only does it have everything you could possibly want - good restaurants, plenty of things to do - it’s relatively affordable. Compared to other areas of London, anyway. Anyone living outside the capital may not think properties are quite so cheap. But whilst this area is welcoming of those on a more modest budget, it is also home to individuals who prefer a more luxurious lifestyle.

Here, we’re going to look at the luxury accommodation market of Bethnal Green.

Bethnal Green - What’s the Area Like?

Bethnal Green is located just to the east of Shoreditch, another part of London that houses the rich.

It has undergone lots of development over the last few years. New buildings, new shops, and new people. But the most noticeable change has been in the eating department. Bethnal Green has become a hub of excellent restaurants.

A thriving nightlife, with lots of fantastic pubs, bars and clubs, has made this a popular spot amongst those in their 20s and 30s. And the transport links are also very good. This part of the capital has everything a young professional could ask for. It’s close enough to the centre of London that many landmarks can be seen from the luxury apartments you’ll find in Bethnal Green. Which makes it a very appealing place to live, for those who can afford these types of properties.

Overall, Bethnal Green is a fantastic area. One we would definitely recommend you check out.

Types of Luxury Properties in Bethnal Green

As this is London, and an area packed with high-rise buildings, many of the luxurious properties are penthouses.

Principal Tower alone is home to a number of lavish apartments. But Bethnal Green is quite varied, in that there are occasionally a few luxury houses on the market. Due to the nature of the area’s layout, these are typically terraced houses. Although an end terrace will often be available. There are other types of properties available to buy and sell in Bethnal Green, but they are not generally considered to be “luxurious”.

How Much Do Luxury Houses in Bethnal Green Cost?

A luxury property in Bethnal Green could cost as much as £8 million. As you can see, this is only for the most affluent of residents. For this price you can expect to purchase a penthouse in one of the most prestigious buildings in the area - such as Principal Tower. The exceptional views this type of property offers clearly has a big impact on the cost. There are more inexpensive options. A two or three bedroom property in the same building can be bought for £1.2 million.

Hunters Services

Hunters has a branch based in Bethnal Green, at 86 Columbia Road. Our team can help you get your luxury property on the market - whether you’re a landlord or a seller. Feel free to give us a call to discuss further.