The Luxury Accommodation Market of Knowle

11th February 2019 posted in Property News

The beautiful village of Knowle is a wonderful place to live.

Although it is quite an affluent area, there are properties available for all sorts of budgets.

But its luxury homes are really something special - and will be the focus of this article.

In Knowle, a luxury property is typically a detached home, featuring four or five bedrooms, a garage, and plenty of land.

They generally have a certain level of privacy, and are located in the quieter parts of the village. Although close enough to the essential amenities.

Here’s everything else you need to know about luxury living in Knowle.

Knowle - What’s the Area Like?

Knowle is a quiet little village, situated about three miles southeast of Solihull - which is itself 7.5 miles southeast of Birmingham.

As it is a relatively wealthy area - housing prices are higher than the UK average - you’ll find the general standard of living here is very good.

The schools are excellent, crime is low, and transport links to Solihull and Birmingham are also decent.

There is a real community spirit in Knowle which is embraced by its residents. There are a number of clubs and organisations that you can get involved in.

As it is out in the country, things are generally quiet. There is a lot of farmland around, and a farmhouse occasionally appears on the housing market.

Most of the local shops and restaurants are independently run - reinforcing that community spirit. You won’t find many chains in Knowle.

Overall, Knowle is a very pleasant place to live. There’s a reason it has attracted residents with a particular wealth status.

Types of Luxury Properties in Knowle

The majority of luxury properties in Knowle are detached homes.

There are some very nice houses that are semi-detached, or even terraced - but the biggest and best are found in more secluded spots, away from other properties.

As mentioned earlier, you can expect at least four bedrooms, possibly as many as five. All of a decent size for yours and your families comfort.

Some of these properties also boast three, or even four stories.

Other features you can expect from a luxury property in Knowle include a garage, ensuite bathrooms, and multiple acres of land.

How Much Do Luxury Houses in Knowle Cost?

A luxury house in Knowle could set you back by over £1 million.

Like we said, this is quite an affluent area.

At around £1.2 million you could purchase an almost mansion-like home, with five bedrooms, lots of land, in a nice secluded part of the village.

If you haven’t quite got this much to spend, don’t worry. There are typically a few properties available for under the £1 million mark.

For a four bedroom detached house, you’re looking at a minimum of £750,000.

As in most other parts of the UK, housing prices in Knowle have been on the rise over the last few years, with an increase of 11 percent between 2015 and 2017.

Hunters Services

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