The Luxury Property Market of the West Midlands

8th November 2018 posted in Property News Buyers

You don’t have to live in London if you want a life of luxury.

You don’t have to live in one of the UK’s other major cities, either.

Many lesser known areas, including many in the west midlands, boast some fantastic properties.

And if they’re within your budget, you’re certain to find a home you’re happy with.

Here, we’re going to take a look at the type of luxury properties available in certain parts of this region.

For the purposes of this blog, we’re going to consider a luxury property to be anything valued at over £800k.

Luxury Houses for Sale in Solihull

If your plan is to settle down in the large town of Solihull, you’ll have plenty of options.

The number of luxury properties available here is quite extensive.

Prices often go above the £2 million mark - for detached properties with lots of land, and lots of privacy.

You can expect to purchase a home with as many as four, five, or even six bedrooms.

There are some traditional-build houses for sale, but also a few modern, newer homes with a much more contemporary appearance.

Luxury Houses for Sale in Sutton Coldfield

Sutton Coldfield is very much the same. If you take a look at the current listings for this area, you’ll find multiple homes valued at +£2 million.

Again, these are typically detached homes with lots of land. Often featuring a gate at the front, with a long-driveway leading to the residence.

Complete privacy is often perceived as the ultimate luxury - and it is one that many people are more than willing to pay for.

You can expect five or six bedrooms - perfect if you have a large family, or routinely have guests staying over.

Luxury Houses for Sale in Knowle

Luxury homes are a bit less common in Knowle. If you do find one on the market, snap it up quick, because it is a beautiful village.

Most of the ‘luxurious’ properties in Knowle are very comfortable, three-bedroom semi-detached houses in nice areas.

But occasionally you’ll find a huge, six or seven bedroom residence, with all the extravagance you could expect from a multi-million pound home.

Again, some of these properties are new-builds - with one in particular being built in 2017, and valued at £2.3 million.

Luxury Houses in Lichfield

You can buy a luxury property in Lichfield without breaking the £1 million barrier.

Many live in what you would call luxury accommodation for less than that.

There are beautiful, detached five-bedroom houses on the market for between £800k and £900k.

So if your budget is a little more limited, you might find Lichfield is a more suitable place to settle down.

Every now and again, you’ll find a farm available on the market. If you fancy lots of green spaces, and the potential for an animal or two.

Whatever it is you’re looking for - Hunters can help.

We have a branch in each of these areas, and can assist with the purchase of your next luxury home.

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