The Magic of Decluttering

27th September 2022 posted in Home Lifestyle Sellers

I’m often asked by a potential seller, what advice do you have to sell my property?

Apart from listing at the right price and making sure it is presented well, the next thing I advise them to do is to declutter.

It has always surprised me that when people sell their car, they will make sure all the junk has been removed first and they give it a jolly good clean inside and out before they advertise it – why don’t they do the same for their property?

Emotional attachment perhaps?

May I suggest we leave the emotions out of it for now and focus on the opportunity to sell your largest asset (or liability) for the best possible price in the least amount of time and hassle. Sounds good? Then read on…

▪ You have decided to sell your property, therefore you know in the near future, you will be moving. Come completion day, do you really want to waste time and money moving items that you no longer need from your old property to your new property? Now is the time to declutter, I would even suggest this is done before the agent carries out the market appraisal to allow him or her to see the property and not your belongings.

▪ During viewings - your potential buyer will NOT be viewing your home; they will be viewing the idea that maybe one day this will be their home. They therefore need the opportunity to fully look around each room to allow them to visualise their belongings in their new home. They can’t achieve this with a room full of clutter.

▪ Decluttering now means, you have less boxes to move on moving day, which not only saves you time but also money.

▪ Storage is always a hot topic, make sure potential buyers can see in your cupboards and fitted wardrobes, Top Tip - you can always leave the Fifty Shades of Grey items in a private box somewhere, so they don’t see!

▪ It’s never been easier to sell unwanted items online, a couple of clicks and your there. If you are not confident online, maybe hold a garage or a car boot sale.

▪ Consider donating your wanted items to a local charity.

How to Declutter like a Pro…

1. Work in a methodical order room by room

2. Give yourself enough room in front of you to have 3 boxes or piles A B C

3. Label the following clearly…

A = Throw Out

B = Keep

C = Sell or Give to Charity

4. With each item, ask yourself when did you last use it? Rule of Thumb - if you haven’t used it in the last 6 months are you likely to use it in the next 6 months? (Obviously, seasonal items will be different)

5. Be honest and strict with yourself, we all have attachments to certain items, but if these items are no longer serving you, do you need them in your life?

6. These rules don’t apply to family members!

Final point - listing your property and holding viewings can be a stressful experience, make it stress free by having a decluttered property, it will be easier to clean and keep tidy should you get that unexpected viewer turn up. If you need any help or advice to sell your property do get in contact with us on 020 7708 2002 or at