House Cleaning Tips: Maintaining a Spotless Home

10th August 2012 posted in Home Lifestyle

House Cleaning Tips: Mainintaing a Spotless Home


House Cleaning Tips: Mainintaing a Spotless Home

Ever heard disparaging remarks about “too-perfect” houses, or people living in “showhomes”? Well I’ve certainly joined in with those conversations, yet there’s a part of me that craves that kind of minimalistic order.  I’ve always been more of a “let it pile up for weeks then panic” kind of housekeeper as opposed to a Monica-from-Friends type, so I set about looking for some tips on how to keep interiors spotless with simple day-to-day routines.

To routine or not to routine?

If you’re like me, and travel about a lot, there’s no point in setting a weekly routine, as it’s just going to go awry quite quickly. Also, I often like to spend my weekends thoroughly relaxed and avoiding onerous tasks of any kind, so having cleaning scheduled in every weekend is a no-no as well. Having said that, if you’re the kind of person who works well with set routines, it’s a great idea to have a look at the many online examples of weekly cleaning routines. Following one of these means that you do a bit a day, and everything gets sorted with minimal planning time. But what if a weekly routine doesn't work for you?


…that’s where the list comes in. You simply keep a list of small tasks (perhaps pinned to the fridge) and pick a couple to do each day that you’re at home, or not on a day off. The feeling of “choice” will appeal to your inner rebel. Obviously things like cleaning bathroom appliances will need doing more often than deep-cleaning jobs such as dusting blinds.

But What to Do?

So how often should we do each cleaning snippet in order to maintain a somewhat perfect living environment? Well, washing up has to be done daily, or rather straight after you’ve eaten, and add to this wiping surfaces, sweeping the floor, and shining your kitchen sink and draining board. As for general tidying, housekeeping mavens recommend just always picking up after yourself, then you never have to have a big tidy – high ideals indeed.

Keeping a squeegee in the shower lets you give your shower surround a quick squizz each day – and it’s a lot more fun than a long protracted scrub every couple weeks.On that note, bathrooms need to be cleaned every week to 2 weeks depending on how much use they get – again, this is something you can break down into small, quick tasks (clean loo, clean floor, etc.) to go on your daily list.Hoovering floors tends to need doing once a week at a minimum. Changing bed sheets is a weekly job, too.

Finally we come on to the more deep-cleany type of stuff, the key to keeping thing looking spotless long term. These are things that need doing every 2-6 months-ish. That’s cleaning kitchen cupboards, dusting skirting boards and doors, cleaning the fridge, hoovering under sofa cushions, cleaning windows, and cleaning blinds. I’m sure you can think of some more, but for me personally, that’s more than enough to be getting on with for now.

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