Making Your Home Safe for Baby- In Style

19th July 2013 posted in Home Lifestyle

Making Your Home Safe for Baby- In Style

It’s that time. That time that seemed so far away six months ago. Your baby is on the move and your house is like an assault course of child-sized dangers. Suddenly your baby is crawling and your list of things to baby-proof is getting ever larger. And all this bulky plastic is putting a bit of a downer on your carefully though-out interior design. 

Never fear, as some clever designers out there have come up with baby-proofing pieces that ADD to your home’s magnificence. In fact, you’ll be loathe to part with these designer pieces once your little one’s grown out of them.

Beautiful Baby Gates

The most bulky and obvious piece of baby proofing is the baby gate – they can make your room look more like a baby prison than a livable space.

But this gate has got a combination of safety and beauty that’s right on balance:  

All rights reserved by Lindam_UK

This Numi Extending Dark Wood Safety Gate displays a combination of fine design, advanced technology and safety. It’s also easy to install and remove, as the safety barrier simply slides and locks on to a low wall mounting.

All rights reserved by Vintage-Love

Yes, you can keep that white sofa…

Slipcovers are the best way to protect wonderfully white furniture from children’s mucky hands and faces.

You can get some great vintage material from eBay, and making slipcovers isn’t as tricky as you’d think – check out Pinterest for some how-tos. Alternatively. you can buy a throw that is big enough to tuck in to create the same effect.

And that cream carpet.

Most parents will avoid light carpet at all costs, but longer shaggy carpets don’t show the dirt, and they are surprisingly easy to clean.

A corner cover conundrum?

Most corner covers are ugly. These white, tacky plastic things stick out like a sore thumb, especially from wood or metal furniture pieces.

But, help is at hand. Master-childproofers Rhoost make a product called The Edge; a screw- and adhesive-free way to round out those sharp corners. It’s easy to install and remove, and in the looks department, it’s streets ahead of most baby-proof products of this kind on the market.

So if your little ones look like they’ll soon be on the move, you can keep them safe as they explore, while keeping your home looking design-fabulous.

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Written by Penny Tristram