Online Yoga From Local Tutor

13th April 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

People must be looking after themselves and their health in the current climate. Even if you are mindful of social distancing advice, you cannot neglect your physical well-being. Also, this is a very challenging time, and many people will find themselves under pressure. Therefore, you must find ways to maintain your mental health.

Ideally, you will be able to achieve these both aims from the comfort of your own home. One activity which should assist you, without causing too much noise or problems at home, is yoga.

The popularity of yoga has been growing considerably in recent times, and many people find time to enjoy yoga regularly. There is an excellent range of yoga class options in the South East of London, but of course, regular yoga classes aren’t running at the moment. However, local yoga tutors are running online courses, which means you can follow guidance from local experts from the comfort of your own home.

Learn yoga with a local expert

One local expert is Alice Billerey, who runs Alice Billerey Yoga. Alice had regularly run classes at St Hilda’s Church Hall, with her chair yoga sessions being top-rated. Alice has run these classes for close to two years, helping the elderly and people with limited mobility to be more active in the local community.

It is good to hear Alice is running these classes online and the sessions remain free. The Chair Yoga class takes place on Thursday at 11.30 am, and the class is streamed live via Zoom. Anyone who partakes in this class should contact Alice on social media or email her at

In addition to the weekly free chair yoga session, Alice is running a range of classes during the week. There is a payment per household for these classes, although Alice operates on a pay what you can afford basis. The classes in her schedule include:

·         Monday - 9:30 am Morning Flow & Sounds Meditation

·         Tuesday - 12:30 Lunch Time Flow & Restore

·         Wednesday - 18:15 Gentle Flow & 19:30 Dynamic Flow

·         Thursday - 11:30 am Chair Yoga (FREE SESSION)  

·         Friday - 18:00 Gentle Flow & Yin

Take a yoga class at a suitable time

With a class taking place every weekday, there will hopefully be a chance for people to get involved. It is always best to follow guidance from an expert, and with a local yoga tutor with such a strong reputation, it is easy to see why Alice is an excellent choice for Forest Hill, and the surrounding area, residents who are keen to enjoy yoga at this time.

Being able to improve your mental and physical health is a great outcome, and knowing you are supporting a local professional during these challenging times is a great comfort to many.

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