Peckham Dance Academy Teaching Online

21st April 2020 posted in Home Lifestyle

It is often difficult for parents and guardians to ensure their children are entertained, occupied and receiving the support they need during this difficult time. There is a lot of support on offer regarding the educational needs for youngsters right now, but life is about a lot more than education. School lessons and study plans are crucial components in life, but there is also a need for extra-curricular activities.

The South London Dance Academy, located in East Dulwich just off Peckham Rye park, has long been regarded as one of the leading dance academies in the capital. Like their peers, the academy has had to temporarily close, which while disappointing, is perfectly understandable.

Youngsters need supported during this challenging time

However, there is no need for youngsters to feel as though they cannot dance. It is important youngsters are active, but for children learning dance moves and preparing for exams, it is vital that there is an outlet which supports their development.

This is why many youngsters and their parents will be delighted to learn the South London Dance Academy is doing its best to support students. You can’t fully replicate all the benefits of dancing together with your peers in a studio setting, but for now, you have to do what you can.

Therefore, the range of video classes and tutorials on offer will be warmly welcomed by dancers and their parents.

The Academy has also been offering beginners classes for adults. It is vital that everyone stays active as best as they can, even if they are staying at home for an extended period. The Academy is offering the first class free for adults, by using the code FIRST-FREE in the coupon field when making a booking.

NHS members can dance for free

There is also an offer for NHS staff members which sees every class being made available for free, with the NHS code being used. The live classes take place via Zoom connection, providing an opportunity for people of all ages to remain active from the comfort of their home.

There is a comprehensive list of live classes on offer, but there is also plenty of pre-recorded video content online. Any parent keen to ensure their children are learning in an approved manner, or who wants to ensure there is consistency in what they see will find these videos to be of considerable value.

The Academy has also gone beyond this by offering a range of home resources. From providing links which they trust to offering a step by step guide on how to prepare your hair like a ballerina, there is something for every dancer and every step of the dancing process.

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