Peckham Rental Market December 2020

21st December 2020 posted in Landlords Tenants

We know that Peckham is an area that has a considerable amount of demand. There are people looking to buy property in the area, but there are also many people looking to rent property in Peckham.

If you are a landlord looking to let property in or around Peckham, it is important you seek help from skilled and experienced professionals. At Hunters Forest Hill, we know the local market extremely well. As we are at the end of the year, we would like to take the opportunity to provide you with an overview of the Peckham rental market right now.

Peckham rental market snapshot

At the start of December 2020, Rightmove had a total of 302 properties listed for rent in Peckham.

Of the 302 listed rental properties in Peckham, only three are listed as a detached property and only three semi-detached properties are listed for let in the area.

Flats are the most common property for rent in Peckham

There is an increase when it comes to terraced properties, but not by too much. There are 20 terraced properties listed for rent in and around Peckham according to Rightmove at the start of December.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the most popular form of property available for rent in Peckham is flats. There are 302 flats listed for rent, which is indicative of what the market has to offer.

Breakdown of furnished types of property for rent in and around Peckham:

  • 141 properties are listed as furnished in the Peckham rental market
  • 52 properties are listed as part-furnished in the Peckham rental market
  • 132 properties are listed as unfurnished in the Peckham rental market

Only 15 rental properties listed in Peckham are classed as house-share rentals.

Garden space and parking spots are in high demand

The recent Zoopla rental search terms list, which placed gardens as the most popular search of the year, is a reminder of what people are looking for in a new rental property. With parking and garages also featuring in the top three, these are clearly crucial components tenants are looking for when they snap up a new home.

Of the 302 listed rental properties in Peckham, 88 have been listed has having a garden. When you consider the abundance of flats for rent in the local area, this is a strong return. Also, there are many green and spacious areas within easy reach of most properties in this region.

If you are looking for property with a dedicated parking space, there are 89 listings with parking for rental property in Peckham.

A total of 36 properties for rent in Peckham are listed as offering a garden and parking space.

At Hunters Forest Hill, we know selling property is challenging, but we are here to assist you in the process. If you aim to buy, sell, let your home or rent property, we are active in New Cross, Peckham, Dulwich and Brockley, in addition to Forest Hill, so get in touch with one of the top three agents in London, and we will be happy to assist you.