Pet-Proofing your Furniture

30th April 2019 posted in Home Lifestyle

The warm and furry company of a dog or cat is of course totally worth the risk of scratched furniture, but if you’ve just shelled out several grand on a nice new suite you’re going to want to give it a running chance at long-term survival. And if you’ve got multiple pets, protecting your interior and furnishings against fur, dirt and claws is going to be a housekeeping priority.

By following our smart tips you can give your furniture some protection, and  you might find that actually, you can have that quirky designer piece after all, once you can be sure it’s not going to end up as some kind of oversized chew toy. 


Scratching Posts for Cats

It’s all very well keeping your cat from scratching your nice new sofa (we’ll show you how below), but it’s no wonder they’re doing it if they haven’t got a decent alternative.

Cats need a scratching post that’s tall enough to let them fully extend their body, and that’s securely bolted to the floor or a vertical surface, so that it doesn’t easily topple over. Invest in a decent one in natural sisal material and you may find that you’re cat’s vendetta against your armchairs mysteriously disappears.

Natural Deterrents

If there’s a piece of furniture that your cat or dog simply won’t leave alone, either in in terms of scratching or spraying, consider a natural deterrent spray.  Another quick and cheap solution is to run a piece of masking tape around the item of furniture in question – it will put off your pet, and once they’ve got out of the habit you can remove the tape. To decrease fur around the home, regular grooming makes a big difference. 

Cat Calmers

Cat behaviours such as scratching, spraying and urinating in the house can simply be due to the stresses of modern living. As mentioned above, cats need a decent place to scratch, along with unrestricted access to a litter tray, water bowl, and quiet places to hide and chill out, along with a regular feeding routine. If possible, they should be able to go outside and come in when they please, and they need play and attention, either with you or with other household cats they get along with.

They may also be feeling stressed due to turf wars with other pets. If you’ve addressed the above and your cat is still showing signs of stress, then hormonal chill-out plugins like Feliway have received glowing reviews from owners who had otherwise resigned themselves to the damage.


Odour Removers

We’ve all been to someone’s house where the smell of cat urine or “dog” knocks you backwards when you walk through the door. The good news is that even with multiple pets, you can keep your furnishings smell-free. Your best bet is to use modern enzyme-based odour removers, (like Simple Solution or Pets at Home own brand) available from pet shops. You can use them on affected areas when needed, and to freshen up sofa covers, curtains (in the washing machine) and carpets from time to time.

Follow these handy tips and you’ll find your furry friend is happy and content, while your home stays tidy and fresh – perfect.

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