Prepare your home

23rd January 2018 posted in Hunters News

Get the ball rolling: Prepare your home

Before you even think about instructing an estate agent, it’s a good idea to start preparing your home for sale. You want it to look its best when the valuer visits and it will save you time later when you are busy with other aspects of the move.

Take a look at your home from a buyer’s perspective. Is there anything which could put people off?

Consider the following:

Maintenance: Now is a great time to get all those little DIY jobs sorted, such as dripping taps and kitchen drawers which don’t run smoothly. All homes have little ‘quirks’ which we learn to live with, but if you can iron out as many of these issues as you can, it will help to present your property at its best.

Decor: You don’t need to decorate the whole house, but there may be areas which need a simple freshen up, or a quick touch-up of chipped paint.

Kerb appeal: Does the front of your property have kerb appeal? Make sure the front garden is tidy and the front door looks welcoming. If you don’t have a garden at the front, a hanging basket or planter can make your home stand out.

Declutter: Moving house is the perfect opportunity to declutter, which will help to create a greater sense of space in your home. Unwanted items can be sold or taken to your local charity shop, which will always be grateful for donations.

Create space: Is there a better way of arranging your furniture to make your home look bigger? Remember most buyers are often looking for more space or if trading down as much space as possible to store belongings collected over many years.

We have your best interests at heart and find vendors welcome suggestions that will help sell their home. Sometimes it’s something as simple as moving the sofa to make the room feel more spacious. First impressions are so important when people are viewing a property, so we do everything we can to help the vendor make a great impression.