Private rented sector sentiment survey - brought to you by mydeposits and Ome

25th March 2021 posted in Landlords

In this article, brought to you by mydeposits and Ome, they explore the results from 14,200 landlords, agents, and tenants from their "private rented sector sentiment survey".  The aim of the survey was to gather information and opinions from a broad section of landlords, tenants and agents to compare their views on the sector. 

Within the article, mydeposits claims that "The insight gained will prove useful in aiding identification of trends, common themes and potential issues, leading to the overall improvement of the sector".

You can read the full article below, which explores: 

  • Demographics
  • The relationship between landlords, agents and tenants
  • Government support
  • Opinions on value for money
  • Rent arrears, and more.

You can read the full article here.

mydeposits is part of a large network of organisations that works for landlords, letting agents and their tenants. It began in April 2017 when the tenancy deposit protection legislation first came into force. mydeposits is a deposit protection company that protects tenant's deposits on behalf of the landlord and estate agent.