Promote local area to buyers to make a sale

5th June 2019 posted in Sellers

When you place your home on the market, there will be critical features or elements you need to draw to the attention of prospective buyers. If your house has a lot of storage space, this is a feature that is in high demand, so it makes sense to make it an integral part of your promotional campaign. If you have a great garden, an additional bedroom or workspace or traditional features that make your home stand out, you need to ensure buyers know all about these aspects of your home.

However, when a buyer looks at the property, they don’t just focus on bricks and mortar. A buyer is looking for a place where they can settle down, which makes the local area as crucial for the buyer as your home.

Many buyers are practical with their property needs

Some buyers are realistic in their outlook. An average property in a highly-regarded school area is likely to be in higher demand than a stunning home with no popular schools. Similarly, some buyers need to know that there are reliable transport options in the local area. A buyer will likely do their research into the local area, but you can offer insight that comes from living in the area.

If you have experience of local clubs, community groups or welcoming venues, make sure buyers know about these options. If you can paint a picture of a supportive community with lots of activities, you make your home a more appealing proposition than other homes which lack this support network.

An excellent local community supports you

Don’t forget that if you promote your local community, there is a good chance that you may receive support in promoting your home from other people in the local area. If you talk about a local community group or nursery as being a decisive factor to living in this region, they may allow you to place a listing on their noticeboard or mention your house for sale on any online or social media account they have.

Online marketing is essential these days, but traditional marketing still has a role to play in selling a property. An estate agent with a presence in the community makes a difference in the sales process. Vendors like the confidence that comes from an agent who can promote the community and buyers need insight as to what places are like. A dependable agent brings these needs together.

At Hunters, we firmly believe in the importance of local life, and how the community positively impacts on a property market. We take our local presence and expertise to ensure your house is promoted effectively, but we also ensure that prospective buyers know why your home, and local area, is such a great option.

There should always be a distinction between houses and homes, and a home is about so much more than the building you live. When you make a connection with buyers, providing them with reasons to want to stay in your area, you improve your chances of selling your house. If you want to connect with as many willing buyers as possible, call on Hunters, and we will help you engage willing buyers.