Regeneration in Wokingham

7th May 2014 posted in Hunters News

Regeneration in Wokingham

Wokingham has always had a reputation as a wonderful place to live and work. Always thriving, the town has long been known as a charitable and welcoming place to live. However, there is soon to be an influx of new people into the town, and Wokingham has grand plans as regards how it is going to accommodate all these new citizens and workers. The plans are soon to be implemented, and in this article we will look carefully at the new look Wokingham, and at the kind of impact that the current citizens of the town can expect to experience once the plans are fully in place and the work has started.  One of the main aims seems to be an increase in the number of shops in the town. The authorities feel that more shops will, in turn, encourage people to visit, and will help to build up a vibrant commercial atmosphere. It is for this reason that they have planned to increase the number of shops and stores in the town centre considerably. This will have a huge impact on the people of the town, because there will be more choice as regards where they shop, and more opportunities for work. The aim is to bring in larger stores too, and stores that have national representation. In other words it is more modernising and updating, rather than just building for the sake of it.   A food store is going to be built, and this will probably be linked to a national supermarket chain. This will make the town centre more commercial, and add to the employment numbers in Wokingham.

New development in Wokingham

Another new development will be an underground car park in Wokingham. This will obviously have massive impact on the town centre. It will allow people to visit the town centre more readily and stay to shop, and obviously spend money in the centre of Wokingham. The measure will allow for more regeneration, as profits hit the town centre and help boost the commercial offering. With many town centres in the country suffering due to the lack of parking, this measure alone will drastically improve the vibrancy and the commercial success of Wokingham town centre.

There are clear signs that Wokingham is starting to experience true regeneration. With more houses being built, and more shops and parking to accommodate shoppers, Wokingham is very much looking up.