Remote Working Tips For Bridgend Residents

14th April 2020 posted in Property News Home Lifestyle

There is a good chance you are now settling into working from home. While remote working has become more prevalent in recent years, many people have been forced into this style of working due to dealing with the Coronavirus. Now that the novelty has worn off for many people, you must give yourself the best chance of working consistently and effectively.

Therefore, we are happy to provide remote working tips for Bridgend residents.

Get ready for work

While the idea of working in your pyjamas is a dream for some people, it is not the most effective way to work. Therefore, you should get up, get washed and freshen up for the day. This will provide you with a boost in the morning, and it will hopefully help you fall asleep in the evening.

You need a space that is set up for working

In the initial days and weeks of remote working, it is natural you are happy to find any workable solution. However, if you are now planning on working in this manner for several weeks, or even longer, it is time to get serious when it comes to your workspace.

You need an area that is just for work. When you are here, you focus on work; and when you are away from this space, you forget all about work. This allows you to stay focused, it helps you take a proper break, and it creates boundaries for yourself and other people in the house.

Do you have all the equipment you need to do your work?

Your needs may be different from other people, so there is no point in us offering a “one size fits all” solution. You should think about your set-up at work, and if you can, replicate that as best as possible.

If you have a desk job where you will work from a computer or laptop, you will likely need the following equipment:

·         A comfortable chair

·         A desk which provides you with enough space and which is at a suitable height for you to work at

·         A broadband connection which allows you to communicate with colleagues and do your work

·         Software to engage clients and colleagues

Some people have found noise-cancelling headphones to be of tremendous value, but they aren’t essential. You should consider what is best for your needs before investing in this nature.

Check in with others

Even if you have other people at home with you, working remotely can be a challenge. You may feel isolated from your team, missing out on the engagement and camaraderie of the workplace. It is helpful to stay in touch with team-mates, for work and non-work reasons.

Hugo Mortimer-Harvey works remotely and he spoke to the BBC, saying; “More and more people hide behind email rather than pick up the phone and talk to colleagues and contacts. When you spend the day working on your own, actually calling people and having a conversation can be much more stimulating and indeed productive than a chain of emails.”

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