Rent-Friendly Decorating Ideas That Won’t Lose You Your Deposit

25th April 2022 posted in Home Lifestyle

Who says you can’t make your rental feel like a home? While your lease may not allow you to drill holes, rip out tiles, or re-paint, rent-friendly decorating is a growing trend!

From adding removable wallpaper to peel-and-stick tiles, you can add a personal touch to your rental home without breaching your lease. As long as you take before and after pictures to keep track of what needs to be removed when your lease is up, you can try different rent-friendly decorating techniques that can make your space feel more like home.

Here are four rent-friendly decorating ideas that can transform a boring rental into a warm and welcoming home!

1. Removable Wallpaper

Removable wallpaper is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a type of wallpaper that’s easy to apply and even easier to remove. A good quality removable wallpaper can last a few years and all you need to do is peel it away when your lease is up.

These products have been designed with tenants in mind and won’t damage the paint underneath, so you can change the entire look of your living room or bedroom without upsetting your landlord!

2. Tension Rod Curtain Rails

Tension rods make the best drill-free curtain rails! These rods are expandable poles that can be adjusted to the size of any window or doorframe.

To install them, there’s no need to drill holes or make a mess. They work through tension, so you just position them in your window frame and adjust to size. Once you’ve locked it into place, you can add curtains to make your home feel cosier and more suited to your style.

3. Rugs

One of the easiest rent-friendly decorating ideas is to refashion your flooring – by simply covering it up!

With a rug of your choosing, you can completely transform the look and feel of your space without doing any major DIY work. There’s no limit to the number of rugs you can have in your rental, so you can give each room of your home a different style. You can even place rugs over tired carpets if you like!

4. Peel and Stick Tiles

Not everyone has the same tastes as their landlord. If you’re not allowed to change the splashback tiles in your kitchen, but you can’t stand the sight of them, you can cover them up with peel & stick tiles instead.

Rent-friendly decorating tiles are growing in popularity as a quick way of modernising your kitchen, bathroom or utility room. When your lease is up, you simply peel them away and give the tiles underneath a good clean. Your landlord will never know!

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